Russian mining management system implemented at the largest iron ore quarry in Peru

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Tsifra Group of Companies and the Peruvian company Cosapi Mineria have deployed a mining management system for the automated control system of the GTK Quarry at the Marcona deposit, in the province of Nazca. This was reported to CNews by representatives of the Tsifra Group of Companies.

Marcona has been exploited since the 1950s and has the largest iron ore reserves in Peru and in the world. Marcona is owned by the state-owned Chinese company Shougang.

Thanks to the implemented solutions, it was possible to achieve an increase in the production efficiency of the enterprise by more than 3.5%. During trial operation, it was proved that greater productivity is achieved when working with a full fleet of vehicles in an open cycle.

“It was a unique project for us. Firstly, this is our first project in Latin America. Secondly, for the first time at the site, we introduced a pilot for accounting for rocks. At this field, our team learned how to register rocks inside the well and, as a result, collect statistics on drilling speeds of different rocks,” said Pavel Rastopshin, Managing Director of Tsifra Group of Companies. – After all, the speed of drilling depends on the rocks: if they are loose, the drill bit will work faster, if the rocks are strong, accordingly, the work is slower. And every enterprise is just looking for reasons why productivity is falling. Our system takes breeds into account, collects statistics, sends them to the server and generates reports.”

“Full-fledged web access to the system allows any authorized user to obtain information on the object from any place, at any time and from any device. Along with this, the ease of use of the system contributes to the rapid achievement of specific goals, and allows us to be among the leaders in innovation,” said Arturo MurrugarraQuarry Performance Manager at Cosapi Mineria.

As part of the project, which began in April 2019, Tsifra automated the mining management system and equipped 39 pieces of equipment: 29 dump trucks, four electric mining shovels, one excavator, four drilling rigs and one front loader.

Cifra has implemented fuel consumption monitoring, operation and downtime monitoring, remote diagnostics, security management, fuel cycle monitoring and drilling process monitoring at the enterprise.

A road quality control module was also deployed at the site. The system indicates problem areas of the road surface, which allows them to be quickly eliminated. This solution allows to increase the average speed of dump trucks, as well as reduce the negative impact on the equipment and extend its service life.

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“Traditional methods did not allow us to manage the quarry in the way that the Tsifra system now allows. We have significantly increased productivity and the degree of control, we have become better at owning information on the object, – said Rafael JuarezProject Manager at Cosapi Mineria.

The project in the interests of Cosapi Mineria laid the foundation for the active establishment and development of new partnerships between Tsifra Group and mining companies in Latin America.


The Tsifra group of companies is a developer of software products to improve the operational efficiency of the main production processes. The company is a participant in the Russian market of technologies for the digitalization of industry using the Internet of things, machine learning and artificial intelligence and a promising partner in the field of digital transformation at the international level. The company’s product portfolio includes over 20 products and services in the field of system integration, industrial automation and engineering, Big Data and machine learning, development of IIoT and AI solutions for heavy industry.

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The company has implemented more than 500 projects in 20 countries around the world in the interests of customers – enterprises of the mining industry, the metallurgical industry, factories for the production of heavy quarry equipment.

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