Russian Post received the status of an IT company

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Russian Post entered the register of IT companies accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development.

First of all, the recognition of Post as an IT company once again underlines the main vector of changes – the transformation from a postal operator into a digital logistics company. Secondly, much of the work of the Post is aimed at changing the image. In light of this, the status of an IT company, secured on the basis of a transparent and understandable procedure, is an important message to several target audiences at once, including potential partners, especially from the high-tech sector, as well as future and current employees. In addition, a number of benefits will be available to employees. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Russian Post.

In 2021, almost a quarter of all revenues – 52.8 billion rubles. – It was IT services that brought Mail to the Post: the portal, a mobile application, a personal account of a legal entity, electronic registered letters, etc.

The growing share of digital revenue is an important but not the only indicator of digital transformation. 52 million customers have digital accounts to access Post’s services. More than 2.5 million parcels per month from individuals are processed on the website and in the mobile application. Over the past year, Pochta has launched the ability to receive a parcel for another person by electronic power of attorney, sign up for a branch for a specific time, and initiate the conclusion of an agreement online for B2B clients.

“In recent years, we have radically changed the approach to creating new products at Pochta. Many traditional postal services have already gone digital. We are redesigning internal processes to reduce the time it takes to develop and implement IT services and meet customer needs. The digital competencies of our employees have grown significantly. Inclusion in the register of IT companies is a sign that we are moving in the right direction, and recognition of the success of the digital transformation of Post,” noted Maxim AkimovGeneral Director of Russian Post.

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Russian Post JSC is a digital postal and logistics company, one of the largest employers in Russia with 310,000 employees. Included in the list of strategic enterprises. The regional network of Russian Post includes 38,000 post offices throughout the country. The company processes about 3.5 billion mail items annually.

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