Russian Post tested the robotization of fulfillment centers

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Russian Post conducted a pilot project on the use of robotic racks in its fulfillment center in Vnukovo. The use of technology allows to reduce the cost of processing one order up to two times. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Russian Post.

The high growth rate of e-commerce leads to a shortage of both logistics capacity and storage space. The creation of a fulfillment center of a traditional mezzanine-rack type takes from eight to 16 months, depending on the area. This leads to the fact that during the high season, many retailers, marketplaces and sellers do not have enough storage space.

Russian Post has tested an alternative technology based on the “goods to person” concept. In this option, the employee remains motionless, and the robots move racks or containers with goods to his workplace. Robotization increases the productivity of one person by 150% without increasing the workload. This reduces the number of errors in order picking. The speed of deploying the necessary warehouse infrastructure using robots is reduced to three months with a comparable area. At the same time, the reduction in capital costs reaches 45%.

Now Russian Post specialists are conducting a financial and economic analysis in order to select one of the fulfillment centers where the first full-fledged robot warehouse will be deployed.

“In order to build an efficient, safe and predictable logistics, it is necessary to introduce robotization and automation at each of its levels. We have already implemented the implementation of unmanned technologies at several stages: rovers deliver shipments on the last mile from October 2021, we will launch medium-haul delivery by the end of 2022. A new level is the robotization of intra-warehouse logistics. This technology will be a step towards the implementation of the smart warehouse concept, in which digital platforms direct the movement of people and machines, optimizing each process,” said Russian Post Deputy General Director for Logistics Sergei Sergushev.

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Russian Post JSC is a digital postal and logistics company, one of the largest employers in Russia with 310,000 employees. Included in the list of strategic enterprises. The regional network of Russian Post includes 38,000 post offices throughout the country. The company processes about 3.5 billion mail items annually.

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