Russia’s Yandex no longer displays state borders. It is said to be a survival and an insignificant detail

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The Russian internet hegemon Yandex canceled the state border in its maps as it got closer. Basically, it only shows dashed separations of lower administrative units (in the case of Czech regions), so if the visitor does not know the exact contours of the state, he will not be sure where exactly he starts and where he ends.

The borders of the countries will be displayed only when the map is moved to the whole continent, but only very weakly and in the case of Ukraine and Belarus even here it will show only the borders of lower administrative units, so Russia, Belarus and Ukraine merge into one territory. And as you zoom out even further, the boundaries will definitely disappear.

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Continental map of Europe and surroundings according to Yandex, Google and List

The timing is, of course, the timing of the war in Ukraine. According to Yandex, the goal is supposedly more emphasis on what is really important – that is, on landscape elements such as mountains, water, etc. In any case, the political map of the world has been a big slap in the face.

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Although the borders of European countries are poorly indicated on this scale, in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine the maps use the borders of lower administrative units, so it is impossible to know what Russia is and what Ukraine is already.

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