Samsung podría estar preparando un nuevo smartphone plegable

Samsung could be preparing a new folding smartphone

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We can say, without fear of being wrong, that Samsung is the technology company that has bet the strongest on folding phones, exploring different options in this regard. These, to date, materialize in the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G and Galaxy Z Fold3 models, both presented by Samsung in August of last year, and except for surprises, we hope they will find their generational replacement this year. Also, as we told you before, the review of the 2023 Fold, presumably the Galaxy Z Fold5, may mark the debut of the company’s technology for housing the camera under the screen.

But, of course, that would be in the Fold5, but the Galaxy Fold4 and also the Flip4 would have to come before. And it is that the main doubt, until now, was whether the technology will have decided on an annual update rate for these two top of the range with a folding screen. It seems like a sensible option, since users who buy a smartphone at these prices practically always look for the device to integrate the most current components on the market.

However, you will see that I speak in the past tense, because now the main doubt has become another. And it is that, as we can read in Galaxyclub, Samsung could present a third smartphone with a folding screen this year. And what are they based on to think so? Last year the internal references to refer to the Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 were B3 and Q3. Updated references that would have already appeared this year, such as B4 and Q4, but with the surprise that they are accompanied by a new reference, N4, which logically would be pointing to a new device within the family of Samsung foldables.

Samsung could be preparing a new folding smartphone

This reference has caught analysts and leakers by surprise, who until now expected that the efforts of the technology company this year, in terms of folding, would focus on the new versions of Flip and Fold. No one expected a third model, and now all doubts are concentrated around the same: about its format, its form factor, the type of technology it will use… and tell more if Samsung wanted to innovate, the more it can surprise us.

The leak also claims that Samsung’s production plans for this new device are less ambitious than with the Flip and Fold, which invites us to think not only about a new device, but also about a new screen technology. And in this regard we must remember that Samsung has been registering patents for the most innovative types of screens for several years, such as roll-up screens and those that support various types of folds or multiple folds.

LG’s mobile division, which sadly closed a little less than a year ago, left some projects in the pipeline precisely in this regard, such as the unprecedented LG Rollable. And also last year we saw the concept Oppo X 2021, Thus, we have been waiting for the arrival of Samsung’s first roll-up for some time now, and with a little luck it may finally happen this 2022. Of course, it is also possible that it is a reference to the recent sighting of a folding smartwatch, in which the company would also be working.

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