Samsung has been fooling the world for years. Her smartphones lack vaunted water resistance

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Samsung paid a heavy fine for defrauding users. She assured that her smartphones are almost not afraid of salt and fresh water, and the owners used them on the beaches and by the pools, after which the mobile phones failed. Samsung confessed to the deception.

There is no protection from water, but there is a fine

Samsung fined 14 million Australian dollars (about $9.65 million) for defrauding users. According to Reuters, the company claimed that its smartphones are protected from exposure to water, but in reality they can fail under the influence of the water element.

The dispute between Samsung and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) unfolded in the Federal Court of Australia (Federal Court). The first lawsuit was filed in June 2019.

The regulator alleged that Samsung systematically misled Australian citizens by claiming that its smartphones were water resistant. The lawsuit states that the Korean vendor used a series of at least nine deliberately false advertising materials for this.

Modern electronics don’t mix well with water, especially salt water.

mystery lawsuit

Which models of Samsung smartphones turned out to be less secure than the manufacturer claimed, at the time of publication of the material was not known. However, it is obvious that it was not about modern models.

The lawsuit itself was filed in the summer of 2019. It refers to the period from March 2016 to October 2018, during which Samsung used false claims in its advertising.

According to Samsung advertising, its smartphones are great for use in the pool

As a result, the lawsuit concerns smartphone models four and even six years ago. Many of them have long lost their relevance by 2022.

Be that as it may, the Australian ACCC alleges that Samsung ran advertisements in stores and social media claiming that the phones could be used in swimming pools or sea water.

Advertising, as it turned out later, found its audience. ACCC received hundreds of complaints from Australians who bought a Samsung smartphone between March 2016 and October 2018 and were later exposed to water damage. In total, there were at least 300 such complaints.

In some cases, the mobile phone lost only part of its capabilities and generally continued to function. But someone was less fortunate – their phone broke completely.

In some cases, you can use Samsung smartphones, according to the company, even under water.

Smartphone owners used them in pools and on beaches. Samsung’s advertisement said that the devices can lie under water at a depth of up to one and a half meters for half an hour and remain operational.

Guilt proven

Accusing Samsung of deliberately defrauding users, ACCC said the allegations in the ad were “an important argument in favor of buying Galaxy smartphones.” “Many consumers who bought a Galaxy phone may have experienced misleading ads before they made the decision to buy a new phone,” said ACCC Chair. Gina Cass-Gotlieb (Gina Cass-Gottlieb).

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The trial, which lasted three years, eventually ended in a settlement agreement. Samsung agreed that nine promotional materials that touted seven smartphone models were indeed misleading to potential buyers.

One of the Samsung ads found to be false

The company made another important recognition. She stated that if a smartphone enters water, salt or fresh, there may be a very high probability of its failure due to liquid entering the charging connector and corroding it.

The result of the lawsuit was a fine of Samsung in the amount of 14 million Australian dollars. According to the Neowin portal, Samsung will additionally have to pay an additional 200 thousand Australian dollars to the ACCC commission to cover legal costs.

Everybody lies

The fact that modern and relatively modern smartphone models are much more afraid of water than is stated in advertising statements is not only reserved for Samsung. Apple does exactly the same. CNews wrote that at the end of autumn 2020, the Antimonopoly regulator of Italy issued a fine to Apple for providing deliberately false information about the water resistance of the iPhone and refusing to repair smartphones affected by water. The company’s actions were recognized as “aggressive” and valued at 10 million euros.

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Moreover, not only residents of Australia and Europe suffer from false statements and allegories of large brands. There are similar cases in Russia too. For example, in August 2021 he sued Apple for the price of a recessed iPhone 11 Pro Max and moral damages.

As CNews reported, the owner of the mobile phone dropped the device into the pool and pulled it out of the water after 15 seconds. But this was enough for the smartphone, supposedly protected from water and dust according to the advanced IP68 standard, to stop showing signs of life. The service center refused to replace the device, resulting in a lawsuit that Apple lost. The company tried to appeal, but the court rejected it.

The Japanese company Sony also likes to exaggerate the ability of its smartphones to protect them from water. Back in September 2015, she, threatening to void the warranty, “recommended” her users not to expose her gadgets to water, even if they have an IP68 certificate of conformity.

Against this background, as CNews reported, Sony actively used the theme of water resistance in the commercials of its smartphones, assuring that they do not care about water.

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