Sber launched a service for alternative turnkey housing deals

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Sber has launched a service for conducting a full cycle of alternative transactions on Domclick. An alternative transaction is a chain of housing transactions (both with and without a mortgage) involving several sellers and buyers. The seller does not receive the money, but immediately uses it to buy another object. A transaction is considered alternative if at least one of its participants is going to sell real estate and simultaneously buy another one.

In an alternative transaction, it is very important to ensure the transparency of settlements, therefore, an integral part of the service is the Domclick secure settlement service, which guarantees the safety of money and allows you to pay for real estate without additional visits to the bank office. The bank will transfer the money to the sellers only after the buyers receive the rights to the housing.

By law, an alternative transaction must be registered with Rosreestr. The electronic registration service from Domclick will shorten the period for registering housing in Rosreestr and will allow you to do this without visiting the MFC or Rosreestr, and the registration process can be tracked in your Domclick personal account. After registration, documents from Rosreestr automatically come to all participants in the transaction by e-mail.

To successfully complete an alternative mortgage transaction in Sberbank, participants need only choose a secure settlement service, an electronic registration service and inform the manager that the transaction will be an alternative one. If a client buys real estate with his own funds, you can sign up for a deal on the website of the Domclick service in the “Deal for your own funds” section.

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