Sberbank and RTK-solar implemented the largest project in Russia to protect against information leaks

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Sberbank and RTK-solar announce the successful completion of the implementation of the Solar Dozor leak protection system. The project, which has become the largest in the country, was implemented by Sberbank specialists with the support of RTK-solar. The system ensures the security of information assets of all bank divisions in Russia and monitors more than 250,000 workstations. This is the largest installation in Europe. This was reported to CNews by representatives of RTK-solar.

Along with strengthening the external protection of the Sberbank perimeter, the task of increasing the level of security when working with confidential information and personal data within the bank is being implemented. One way to solve this problem is to prevent data leaks from employees’ computers using a DLP (Data Leak Prevention) class product. In a short time, the bank formed a team of specialists with experience in implementing large-scale projects, installing and operating DLP systems, and developing regulatory internal documents.

When choosing a tool, it was necessary to take into account the current experience of owning a DLP system and form a number of new requirements, taking into account the development for the next few years. The product should provide the bank with both “classic” control of mail correspondence and prevention of any attempts to move information outside the employee’s computer, as well as control of all centralized communication channels. This takes the product requirements to a very high level, including event handling in a single management interface, informing first responders, and integration with one of the largest SOC (Security Operations Center) in the world.

At the end of the competition, the implementation of the software product was implemented in a very short time for projects of this scale – in just 6 months.

“As a result of the well-coordinated work of the teams of the bank and RTK-solar, we managed to introduce a system of protection against leaks and extend its influence to the entire bank from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. Most of the work was carried out during a period of emergency around the world. An efficient, highly scalable information leak prevention tool was created that improved the bank’s overall security score both by increasing the coverage of leak channels and by mechanisms for detecting and responding to protected information. As a result, it was possible to ensure total control of the transmitted information. There are no similar implementations of DLP solutions in Russia that work in infrastructures of this scale with petabytes of stored data, terabytes of RAM, thousands of cores, hundreds of servers,” noted Sergei LebedVice President, Director of the Cybersecurity Department of Sberbank.

To protect against leaks, Sberbank uses the wide functionality of Solar Dozor, which includes filtering and archiving data, searching for and managing information security events and incidents, as well as mechanisms for maintaining person files.

“In this project, our solution has shown reliable and fault-tolerant operation in a heterogeneous and branched IT infrastructure of one of the most technologically advanced banks in Europe. Solar Dozor quickly adapted to any amount of data and the number of users, the emergence of new communication channels and integration points,” said Igor LyapunovGeneral Director, Vice President of RTK-solar.

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Thanks to this project, the Solar Dozor software product itself received a significant impetus for development. The reliability and speed of the system have grown, the model of the product’s own health monitoring has been significantly improved and continues to develop.

Solar Dozor is a Russian system for preventing leaks of confidential information. Its capabilities provide control over employee communications, blocking or changing unwanted messages, identifying and monitoring risk groups, as well as retrospective analysis of the archive of communications for investigations. Solar Dozor can also analyze user behavior (User Behavior Analytics), which allows you to profile employees based on stable patterns, as well as detect anomalies in their behavior. .


RTK-solar is a national provider of cybersecurity services and technologies. 70+ companies from the top 100 Russian businesses are under protection. Key directions are IS outsourcing, development of own products, integration IS projects. The company offers services of the first and leading commercial SOC in the Russian Federation – Solar JSOC, as well as an ecosystem of managed information security services – Solar MSS. The line of own products includes Solar Dozor DLP solution, Solar webProxy web security gateway, Solar inRights IdM system, Solar appScreener code analyzer, Solar addVisor work efficiency system. Compliance services are provided, including those for the protection of industrial control systems. The staff of the company is 1300+ specialists. There are representative offices in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Khabarovsk. The company’s activities are licensed by the FSB of Russia, the FSTEC of Russia and the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

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