Sberkorus connected Red and White to its document exchange system with suppliers

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Sberkorus, a digital platform for companies and individuals, has created the possibility of exchanging electronic documents with counterparties for the Krasnoe and Beloe chain of stores using the all-Russian EDI Sphere system. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Sberkorus.

Red and White has been using various solutions for electronic document management from Sberkorus since 2014. All settings of the new system have already been made, and readiness for the electronic exchange of documents and data using completely Russian software has been created.

The transfer of companies to Russian software will help create stable and completely protected from external influence business processes that ensure the reliability and completeness of the entire Russian business.

“EDI-system of electronic data interchange is needed for stores and their suppliers to provide electronic document management and accounting when placing orders and delivering goods to stores. The transfer of trading platforms to Russian software will help ensure the reliability and completeness of the supply of goods to stores. The Sfera EDI system was developed by Sberkorus independently and is fully localized in Russia. All servers that ensure its operation are located on the territory of Russia and are reliably protected by modern means of cyber defense,” said the head of EDI projects at Sberkorus. Alexander Belobrov.

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