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Three-phase monoblock and modular systems of the Russian trademark “Siber Electro” are completely ready to work with arrays of lithium-ion batteries. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Siber Electro.

The demand for the use of lithium-ion batteries is growing year by year. Previously, the main consumers were large data centers and electric vehicles, now such solutions can be found in industrial facilities and enterprises, where even a slight gain in efficiency will lead to a noticeable economic effect.

The Siber Electro line includes two series of three-phase uninterruptible power supplies that are completely out of the box ready to work with lithium-ion battery arrays – Legion and Patriot.

The Legion-3F series is designed to work in small data centers and industrial facilities. UPSs are available in capacities from 10kVA to 250kVA. The ability to connect up to four devices in parallel operation allows you to build a guaranteed power supply system with a total total power of up to 1MVA.

Patriot modular devices are built on 20kVA power modules and are available in 60kVA, 120kVA, 2000kVA configurations. Such systems are used in engineering networks, telecommunications systems, in the military-industrial complex, data centers, petrochemical and gas sectors.

JSCB “Siber Electro”

Readiness to work with complete lithium batteries expands the application of these solutions and provides the following benefits:

Long service life. Lithium batteries have a realistic lifespan of 10+ years (with predictable capacity degradation). Lead batteries during this period will have to be completely changed one or two times.

Comparable in cost, and sometimes even cheaper, in the horizon of 10 years of operation, taking into account the necessary replacement and disposal of an array of lead-acid batteries over this period.

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Wider operating temperature range. The limiting operating temperature of lithium batteries is +40 degrees Celsius, which can significantly reduce the requirements for air conditioning.

Only scheduled maintenance will be required, which will lead to a decrease in TCO. Lithium battery life is 10+ years, during this period of time there is no need to lay an additional budget for an unexpected change of the battery array.

Compactness and less weight. The weight of lithium batteries is two to two and a half times less than lead-acid counterparts, which provides less load on floors. More compact dimensions save up to 80% of the area.

The number of discharge-charge cycles is 10 times greater: the resource of lead-acid is 300-500, lithium is up to 3000.

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Faster charge cycle for lithium batteries without compromising battery life (two to three times faster if UPS charger allows).

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