SIBUR presented integrated solutions for import substitution in industrial digitalization

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SIBUR presented its own Industry 4.0 solutions.

At the SIBUR booth, one could get acquainted with the Industrial Internet of Things complex, scenarios for using video analytics and machine vision to control the operation of production facilities and product quality, and an augmented reality complex for remote monitoring of work.

As part of the demonstration of the Industrial Internet of Things complex, SIBUR specialists showed explosion-proof and frost-resistant temperature and vibration sensors of their own design and their data collection and processing platform. Platform users are production employees without special IT education. This solution is already being used at SIBUR enterprises and was presented during the tour by members of the Government, including Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

“This is a closed-cycle smart factory,” said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. – We propose to create an Internet of Things Competence Center because [для применения] no qualification is required – that is, any worker can install the sensor in any place where he needs to take readings.”

“SIBUR is ready to share its Industry 4.0 best practices and industry expertise in developing standards for creating Russian digital solutions in industry and energy, to lead the creation of Russian software and hardware systems to replace foreign solutions for automating production processes, and to test the solutions of Russian developers. Today there is a lot of talk about software, but little about hardware. We live in the material world, we need a connection of equipment and digital tools that advise us how to manage it,” she said. Alisa MelnikovaDirector for Digital and Information Technologies, SIBUR.

The SIBUR development complex is a complete stack from collecting data from equipment and transmitting it wirelessly to the IIoT platform to analytical processing of the received data arrays and developing recommended actions for production personnel based on machine learning technologies.


SIBUR is an integrated petrochemical company in Russia. The vertically integrated business model allows SIBUR to create products that are used in the production of consumer goods and cars, construction, energy, as well as in the chemical industry and other industries in 100 countries around the world.

In 2017, SIBUR announced a large-scale digital transformation that provides the company with a new level of efficiency through the use of big data for decision-making, digitalization and robotization of processes, and the use of tools from Industry 4.0.

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