SILA Union at CNews Forum Cases 2022

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Russian progressive software for business and government organizations SILA Union was presented at one of the stands of the annual practical conference – “Experience of IT Leaders”. SILA Union is one of the only systems currently being implemented on the Russian software market that meets the most important implementation criteria, the current requirements of modern realities and the level of security. Quick inclusion in the company’s projects, the absence of foreign dependencies and components, compatibility with Russian hardware and domestic operating systems – determine the advantages of SILA Union software.

The SILA Union digital platform creates a single environment for a set of projects:

• Modeling, analysis and optimization of business processes

• Organizational Modeling and Organizational Change Management

• IT architecture design

• Building a quality management system

• Knowledge management, the formation of a bank of ideas

• Risk management and control procedures

• Management of strategy implementation and KPI

• Requirements and product management

• Process automation

• etc.

Successfully implemented projects in the SILA Union digital environment in the largest Russian commercial and state-owned companies provide excellent references and recommendations for implementation. Industry versatility of the SILA Union tool shows good results in manufacturing enterprises, logistics centers, financial institutions and banks, industrial enterprises, trade, construction and any other. SILA Union team experts provide comprehensive support in the preparation and implementation of projects.

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