Sissoft and Yandex Cloud will help Russian companies improve business process management

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Sissoft and Yandex Cloud entered into a partnership agreement. As part of the cooperation, Sissoft will focus on the implementation of Yandex Tracker and its integration with other systems. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Sissoft.

Yandex Tracker is a project management service that allows you to effectively organize the work of a team, automate processes, evaluate and plan the workload of employees, and monitor the status of tasks. The solution is in demand for organizing development, workflow, marketing campaigns. The software significantly simplifies the work of the personnel department and the solution of infrastructure tasks for inventory, purchase of equipment and management of expenses that ensure the life of the company.

“Yandex Tracker is convenient to use for both large companies and small teams: a fault-tolerant solution can withstand high loads, it has no restrictions on the amount of stored data and processed tasks,” said Denis Krivenko, Business Development Manager, Sissoft. — Demand for the product will only grow, our cooperation will help Russian companies to painlessly migrate to a convenient and high-quality product for project management of Russian development. The technical base of the product allows you to adapt to the customer’s tasks and industry specifics. And the effectiveness of the service speaks for itself: it is used by all divisions of Yandex and many other companies that are market leaders in their industries.”

Among the advantages of Yandex Tracker: flexibility, round-the-clock technical support, constant version updates, and the presence of an ecosystem in the form of other collaboration services – Yandex Forms and Yandex Wiki.

“Technological expertise of the Yandex Cloud team and Sissoft’s many years of experience in selling project management solutions on the Russian market will bring great benefits to the industry,” noted Maria AnikanovaDirector of the Yandex Cloud Partner Department — Yandex Tracker significantly expands the possibilities of project work, increases the efficiency of business processes and cross-team interactions in companies of any size and industry.”

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Sissoft is a technology partner, consultant, integrator. An expert in the implementation of infrastructure projects, the deployment of private and public clouds, the implementation of software and hardware. The company is included in the top 33 largest Russian IT companies CNews100 (CNews, 2021); in the top 30 largest IT companies in Russia in the field of information security (CNews, 2020).

Yandex Cloud is a universal cloud platform that provides large corporations, medium and small businesses, as well as individual developers with a scalable infrastructure, data storage services, machine learning tools, and development tools.

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