Skolkovo resident exports heat exchange equipment to Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh

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ReinnolС, a Ural resident of Skolkovo, will supply network water sample coolers for power units No. 1 and 2 of Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh. The contract was signed in June 2022. Shipment of the first batch of four coolers is scheduled for January 2023.

Sample coolers are specialized heat exchangers that reduce the temperature of the working medium for chemical analysis. It allows you to identify the composition of impurities contained in water in order to avoid exceeding the level of standard indicators and to ensure the established mode of operation of the facility.

For ReinnolС, this is a new product. Thanks to strong engineering competencies and deep expertise in heat transfer processes, the company was able to master the production of equipment in a short time.

Oleg Pertsovsky, Director for Operations of the Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation: “This is not the first time we are talking about the achievements of the Reinnolts company, which is developing as a participant in the Skolkovo project. We are pleased with the dynamism of the company, which creates all new products based on its developments in the field of heat exchange equipment. Moreover, the products are used, among other things, at such critical facilities as nuclear power plants. It is also very important that the company is actively developing not only new products, but also new geographical markets. I am sure that the company will maintain the pace of its development in the future, and we will try to support it using all available tools.”

Rooppur is a nuclear power plant under construction according to the Russian AES-2006 project, located on the eastern bank of the Padma River, 160 kilometers from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Rooppur NPP consists of two power units with modern VVER-1200 reactors with a capacity of 1200 MW each. The launch of the first power unit of the station is scheduled for 2023, the second will begin operation in 2024.

Pavel Blokhin, founder of ReinnolC: “We are pleased to contribute to the development of peaceful nuclear power and clean energy in the Republic of Bangladesh. The supply of sample coolers to Rooppur NPP is an important and exciting project that has encouraged us to explore new products, new industries, new countries and exciting new prospects.”

For the company, cooperation with the Rooppur NPP is not only another confirmation of the high export potential, but also a strengthening of its position in the nuclear power industry – in Russia and abroad.

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Skolkovo is a Russian innovation center. Startups developing business with the support of Skolkovo supply domestic high-tech products for industry, medicine, transport, information technology and many others. Among the residents of Skolkovo, who gained fame not only in Russia, but also abroad: ExoAtlet, Bioorg, Rapidbio, Motorika,, Yaklass, VisionLabs, Vocord, S -innovations”, “Hepatera”, “MDG innovations”, “Sputniks”, etc.

In 2021, the revenue of Skolkovo residents increased by almost 55% compared to 2020 and amounted to 247.8 billion rubles. As of May 1, 2022, the number of startups-residents of Skolkovo exceeded 3,300. The number of jobs in the ecosystem is rapidly approaching 70,000.

ReinnolС (“Reinnolts”) is a manufacturer of heat exchange equipment, as well as solutions for water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment. ReinnolC technologies improve the efficiency of technological processes at enterprises in the oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, reduce energy losses, reduce the carbon footprint, as well as rationally use water resources. All equipment is manufactured at ReinnolC’s own production site in Yekaterinburg (Russia). The R&D center of Reinnolts Lab is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

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