Softline Outsourcing opened representative offices in Azerbaijan and Georgia

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Softline Outsourcing, a provider of financial and human resources services of the Softline group of companies, has announced the opening of subsidiaries in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Georgia. Responsible for the expansion of the outsourcing business in the CIS Eric Ashkenov — a manager with more than 10 years of experience in business process outsourcing, head of Softline Outsourcing Kazakhstan.

In the markets of Azerbaijan and Georgia, Softline Outsourcing will continue to implement a strategy that helps businesses and the state to carry out digital transformation. This will accelerate the transition of the largest companies of the two countries to innovative models of accounting processes.

Softline solutions will allow representatives of multinational companies to comply with the international strategy of their brand, which in most cases provides for the transfer of non-core functions to outsourcing in all countries of presence. For small companies, outsourcing will avoid the creation of internal accounting and personnel services, which are not economically feasible for such volumes.

As in Russia and Kazakhstan, outsourcing in Azerbaijan and Georgia is based on a single digital process management platform, which is protected by a patent at the global level. The platform provides for the robotization of all sections of the technological chain, optical recognition of documents, and supports the creation of client portal services. The platform analyzes the content of document flows and addresses them to specific departments and executors of Softline Outsourcing.

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The platform supports the storage of documents in accordance with the current legislation of all CIS countries, and also integrates with any ERP systems such as 1C, Oracle, SAP. This reduces the access time to specific documents and related files. The platform facilitates the analysis of accounting information and allows you to interact with regulatory authorities.

Softline Outsourcing started with a basic set of services, new functions will be added to it soon. We intend to help with the opening and liquidation of companies, preparation for inspections by government agencies, as well as provide legal support to our clients in the CIS. For many companies, the use of our services can be the first step towards digital transformation, which will affect not only secondary processes (HR, accounting), but also key aspects of activity,” said Eric Ashkenov, head of Softline Outsourcing Kazakhstan.

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