Sonos is preparing its own operating system for televisions. That’s why he started looking for people

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Sonos is mainly associated with speakers, but over time its products could look into living rooms in a slightly different form. The company is preparing its own operating system for televisions, according to a series of new jobs that Sonos has listed on its website. For all, the company is looking for someone who will work on the so-called Home Theater OS project.

This operating system should be able to run various applications on TVs, writes the Protocol server, which was the first to point out the information. According to him, Sonos is playing with the ambition to become a more serious competitor for companies such as Google, Amazon or Roku, it wants to fully enter the field of domestic audiovisual systems and in time perhaps even create its own product ecosystem. It doesn’t start at zero, the sound area is already full.

Moreover, this is not a clear decision. According to the server, Sonos has in the past negotiated certain cooperation with smart TV manufacturers, provided them with its speakers, and a similar debate took place with the car manufacturer Audi.

Sonos himself confirmed to The Verge that he was planning “something” in the field of TV and called it a “logical step”. However, he did not provide any details, so the main guide remains the published job offers. One company is looking for a boss for the entire project, a description of the position: “Leading a partnership for our new generation of Sonos home cinema operating system will play a key role in connecting users to the content and services they love through the Sonos quality experience. which they expect. “

Another position is for the person who will lead the creation of UX for the new operating system. Sonos requires applicants to have at least eight years of experience working on interfaces for mobile applications and TVs, while the company notes that there may be more future projects and they may be an order of magnitude more complex.

There are various incentives with existing Sonos products, such as soundbars, to buy a new TV OS, but we will see in time. So far, Apple and Google should be sharpening their TV operating systems.

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