Sony’s “gaming” SSDs for the PlayStation 5 are among the fastest on the market

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The Sony PlayStation 5 game console can be retrofitted with fast SSDs from various manufacturers, which complement the integrated SSDs with a capacity of 825 GB directly on the board. But Sony demands that they be very fast and take advantage of PCI Express 4.0. The read speed should not be less than 5.5 GB / s as with internal storage.

Sony-owned Nextorage will begin selling new NEM-PA SSDs directly to the PlayStation 5 in the US this month. However, according to specifications, Sony has definitely not spared performance and SSDs have speeds comparable to the best on the market. . In terms of technology, these models do not lack 2GB DRAM memory, dynamic SLC cache, LDPC and other innovations to optimize speed and endurance.

So far, there will be a choice of 1TB and 2TB models that have a maximum sequential speed of up to 7.3 GB / s. So far, the fastest SSDs on the market for PCI Express 4.0 are only slightly higher at 7.4 GB / s.

In the case of enrollment and random access, performance already varies according to capacity, but these are still excellent values. The larger 2TB handles sequential writing at speeds of up to 6.9 GB / s, the smaller ones up to 6 GB / s. For random reads and writes, the larger bit has the same one million IOPS, 1TB then handles 750,000 IOPS for reads and one million IOPS for writes. Consumption is up to 9.6 W for larger ones and a maximum of 6.7 W for smaller ones.

Up to 1.4 PB of data (1,400 TB) can be written to the larger 2TB SSD under the five-year warranty, and 700 TB to the 1TB version. These are solid values. Cooling is provided by a black passive aluminum block. The prices have not been announced yet, so we will see if they will have a “premium” surcharge.

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