Spotify advances in subscription podcasts

Spotify advances in subscription podcasts

Podcasts have long been a key content type for Spotify . It is true that its reason for being is music, that is indisputable, but as other similar services began to proliferate, the company chose to expand its offer with this type of content, which from the first day had a great reception among the users. It was known, for a long time, that sooner or later they would take a step forward in terms of their monetization.

This step became official last April, when Spotify finally announced the more than expected paid podcasts , an announcement that was somewhat lackluster, since Apple managed to get ahead, by a few days , by presenting its own subscription service. However, the deployment of the Spotify service seems to be being more fluid than that of Cupertino , which added to the fact that during the first two years the company did not charge anything to the creators, has triggered the interest in this service.

Thus, according to the company, there have been many registrations to the waiting list, since access to the service for creators was not free. However, this has just changed, because as we can read in For the Records , Spotify’s official blog, the company has already opened access to all creators in the United States , thus eliminating the waiting list, as far as we understand which will result in a large increase in the supply of subscription podcasts in the service.

At its launch, Spotify allowed creators to choose between three prices for the monthly subscription to their podcasts: $ 2.99, $ 4.99 and $ 7.99. However, and surely due to the feedback received, this list has also been expanded , which now has no less than 20 price options, ranging from 0.49 to 150 dollars. However, all three starting prices will show up as featured, with the rest listed below.

Although for the moment the service is still available exclusively in the United States, it finally seems that its international expansion is already near. Starting next September 15, users from other countries will be able to access the subscriptions of American creators , and shortly after, although the date has not been specified, creators from the rest of the world will be able to start monetizing their podcasts. We do not know, of course, if the international expansion will take place in a single step or if, on the contrary, the deployment will be progressive, reaching some countries before others.

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