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Steam Deck already exceeds 2,000 compatible games

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It has been almost a year since the first rumors about a new Valve console were given, nine months since the company presented the Steam Deck in society and barely a month since the device was launched. And the news around it has not stopped emerging, although there is one that will be of particular interest to those, forgive the redundancy, interested in getting hold of the device: to know how the catalog grows of games available.

It should be remembered in this regard that the operating system that governs Steam Deck is Linux, which does not mean that all the games compatible with Linux that are on Steam, including in this amount the native ones and those compatible through Proton (the Steam plugin that allows you to run Windows games on Linux), are available to the owner of the new Valve console.

Rather, the company has adopted a fairly strict screening strategy -not without flaws, but that’s another story- for what comes to his creature with which, at least a priori, the quality of the experience comes before everything else. Thus, there are many games ‘enabled’ for Steam Deck that have native support for Linux, but there are also many that come from Windows via Proton because, make no mistake, the great releases are still exclusive to Windows.

Thus, the Steam Deck catalog grows slowly, but steadily, and if the console went on sale with just 40 “verified” titles and another 40 “playable”, in just five days it exceeded a thousand in total , which is said soon. Since then the dripping has been constant and this week another new milestone has been marked, with over 2,000 compatible games for Steam Deck… and counting.

Steam Deck Compatible Games

It should also be remembered that when we talk about games compatible with Steam Deck and we differentiate between verified and playable, they do not have the same value as the others, although in many cases a denomination is almost a mandatory procedure to obtain the desired seal of guarantee. Verified games are those “fully functional on Steam Deck” and adapted to the device’s screen and controls, while playable games may cause some issues.

All in all, if we break down the games compatible with Steam Deck, the verified ones are still in the lead, although the advantage is small. At the time of publishing this article, Steam Deck has 1,056 verified games and 986 playable games, thus exceeding 2,000 as a whole, according to data from SteamDB.

Games that have achieved ‘verification’ for the Steam Deck in recent days include titles like Death Stranding Director’s Cut, Rising Hell, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Aragami 2, DOOM 2016 and a long etcetera, yes, of all types, conditions and dates.

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