Structures of Rosatom massively purchased Russian design software. Managed to save 23 rubles

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56 organizations and enterprises included in Rosatom, including nuclear power plants, have chosen a supplier of Russian CAD. The maximum number of purchased licenses may exceed 2,000. The maximum amount of the contract is set at almost 140 million rubles. At the main stage of the tender, the supplier lost 23 rubles. 42 kopecks, in the pre-contractual negotiations remained true to his initial proposal.

CAD for Rosenergoatom

As CNews found out, the Rosenergoatom concern, which is part of Rosatom, is purchasing 2030 licenses for the right to use the Russian computer-aided design system (CAD) NanoCAD 21 Platform. The developer of this solution is the Moscow company Nanosoft Development.

Of the mentioned number of licenses, 427 are local (for one PC), 1603 are competitive (installed on several PCs with the right to use only one at a time).

The supplier of this software was determined by Rosenergoatom in the course of an open tender in electronic form. It was announced on May 12, 2022 with an initial maximum contract price of RUB 139.3 million. In the TOR, the customer emphasizes that this is the limit, and not the final amount of the purchase, reserving the right to purchase a smaller number of licenses.

The Chelyabinsk company “Normasoft” was declared the winner of the tender. The Nizhny Novgorod company Arksoft tried to compete with her, but her application was rejected.


Rosenergoatom and its NPPs massively introduce Russian CAD

When submitting commercial offers, applicants had to focus on the initial prices of the so-called units of production: 49,108.41 rubles. for local licenses and 73,800 rubles. for competitive (in total – 122,908.41 rubles).

In its application, Arksoft did not reduce the initial prices at all. Normasoft lost 23 rubles. 42 kop. From the tender documents, it can be concluded that after the end of the tender, the customer held pre-contractual negotiations with the winner, but the price offer after them remained the same.

Reasons for choosing nanoCAD

The name of the purchased software “NanoCAD 21 Platform” was written in the terms of reference directly, without indicating the possibility of purchasing analogues.

CNews sent a request to Rosenergoatom regarding the reasons for this choice and is awaiting a response at the time of publication of the material.

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Representatives of the developer of the product in question, for their part, reported that the concern has been using the Nanosoft Development software for more than five years. “The structures of Rosenergoatom used our solutions before, but in small quantities,” commented the commercial director of the company Alexander Vorobyov. “Full-scale testing was carried out and a conscious choice was made in favor of the flagship product of Nanosoft Development, NanoCAD Platforms.”

Some purchase details

As follows from the TOR, the recipient of the software will be not only Rosenergoatom directly, but also 15 of its subsidiaries and their structures – a total of 56 organizations throughout Russia, including nuclear power plants, institutes, research centers, etc.

Despite the lack of alternatives to the purchase, the state customer nevertheless prescribed specific requirements for software in the TOR. Among them is the presence of software in the Register of Russian Software at Mintsyfra, compatibility with the domestic general-purpose OS Astra Linux Common Edition, performance on system blocks of the x86-64 architecture, etc.

What does Rosenergoatom do?

The Rosenergoatom Concern is part of the electric power division of Rosatom, being one of the largest enterprises in the electric power industry in Russia and the only company in Russia that performs the functions of an operating organization (operator) of nuclear power plants.

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The main activity of the organization is the production of electrical and thermal energy by nuclear power plants and the performance of the functions of the operating organization of nuclear installations, radiation sources, storage facilities for nuclear materials and radioactive substances.

The concern as affiliates includes 11 operating nuclear power plants, including a floating nuclear thermal power plant (FNPP), as well as the Scientific and Technical Center for Emergency and Technical Work at Nuclear Power Plants, design and engineering and technological branches.

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