Svyaznoy enters the gadget rental market

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Svyaznoy technology retailer and sharing platform are launching a joint equipment rental service: laptops, including Mac and gaming laptops, smartphones, including Apple and Samsung, projectors, TVs, tablets, tools, household appliances – more than 80 items in total. In the future, it is planned to increase both the width and depth of the assortment. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Svyaznoy.

The pilot project starts in Moscow and the Moscow region. Available rates will be multiples of days, weeks and months. The client can use the rental of the desired gadget for a short trial period, if the device fits in all respects, continue to use it. You can arrange a lease on the website – devices available for rent are collected in the special section “Rent of gadgets” and marked with the “rent” button. Next, the client selects the date and time of receipt of the gadget, fills in personal data, then the order is formed. The operator will contact the client to clarify the details of the order and delivery.

Already at the first stage, you can rent iPhone 12 and 13, Macbook and gaming laptops. So, for example, renting an Apple iPhone 13 128 GB blue for a week will cost 3590 rubles. Based on the monthly billing, the rent per month will be 9890 rubles. Renting an Apple MacBook Air 13 7c(M1)8/512 will cost the client a week – 11,840 rubles, a month – 32,560 rubles.

According to Maksim Sledkova, Vice President for Telecommunications and Financial Services of Svyaznoy, in the current economic realities, sharing is a demanded consumption model that makes it possible to use advanced devices without credit obligations. People are always looking for profit and convenience, and especially now. Short-term use allows people to test a premium gadget before buying, plan their leisure time by playing a console, renting a projector / TV to it, using an expensive gaming laptop to play top games, replacing a phone if theirs is being repaired and many more scenarios that may occur urgently or planned.

The sharing market is developing rapidly. In 2020, the volume of the goods rental market in Russia amounted to 49 billion rubles, and by 2024 it will grow to 190 billion rubles.

“Renting is a rational form of consumption. Clients get the wow effect “what, could it be like that?” The product as a service, pressed the button, received the device, it was no longer necessary to return it. We see an opportunity to take up to 10% of the electronics consumption market and offer a completely new way to own devices,” said the CEO of Sergey Stepanov.

Each device undergoes mandatory maintenance before entering the subscription: cleaning, decontamination, debugging and repackaging. In case of detection of problems during operation, the user can contact the company to replace the gadget without additional conditions and payments. It is possible to change both to another same device, and to any other model.

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The service can be used by citizens of Russia over 18 years of age who have a passport and residence permit in Russia, as well as a debit/credit card.

All given prices for gadget rental are valid at the time of the press release.


Svyaznoy is a high-tech retail chain and the largest online smartphone retailer in Russia. The company has more than 2600 stores in 1100 cities of Russia, more than 13 thousand sales assistants who serve more than 1 million customers a day.

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