T-Mobile has dusted off the promotional tariff again. It will offer 4 GB of data, 150 minutes and an SMS for CZK 289 per month

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In addition to the permanent offer of mobile tariffs, which can be activated all year round under the same conditions, T-Mobile comes several times a year with a limited offer of a seasonal tariff at a discounted price. The new current offer is called simply Favorable tariff 4 GB and you can get it by the end of March exclusively on the operator’s website.

The advantageous tariff includes 150 free minutes and 150 free SMS to all networks, to do so 4 GB dat at full speed and then within the “Always online” service other data at a speed limited to 256 kbit / s. The monthly flat rate of the advantageous tariff is CZK 289, which is, by the way, a third lower price than the one offered by the operator with otherwise identical parameters at the end of last year before Christmas.

You can also go to Twist

Compared to T-Mobile’s permanently offered tariffs, this is not a completely bad offer, although it is still a long way from a real “advantage”. For example, the Start price list includes unlimited minutes and SMS, plus 1 GB of data (excluding Pořád online) for CZK 475 per month, so the price is completely “out of the box”. The standard tariff called 4 GB Plus with the same FUP and the “Always Online” service also includes unlimited calls and SMS to all networks, but the almost twice as high flat rate (CZK 575) is already being considered.

The promotional tariff appears in T-Mobile’s portfolio several times a year, usually with different parameters and prices. Its task is to attract customers of competitors in particular to the operator, which is why it is called the acquisition tariff in internal gimmick. It is usually activated only online via the Internet and is intended only for new customers or customers switching from other operators.

This means that you cannot officially switch to the special tariff from another, currently used T-Mobile tariff. Exceptions are prepaid Twist cards, from which the operator will transfer the number to your acquisition tariff. This procedure – the transfer of the existing tariff to the Twist card and the subsequent migration to the special tariff is used by those interested in the special offer who are already at T-Mobile and do not want to lose their number.

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