T1 Cloud and Northern Capital Air Gate signed a memorandum of cooperation

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Cloud provider “T1 Cloud” has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the company “Air Gates of the Northern Capital”, which implements a comprehensive task of reconstructing the infrastructure of Pulkovo Airport and manages all operational processes of the air harbor.

Within the framework of cooperation, a project will be implemented to develop and host an internal corporate resource of the Northern Capital Gateway company in the T1 Cloud. The company was also interested in virtual data center services, reserved Internet access, software services and virtual machine backup services in the T1 Cloud.

“Pulkovo Airport continues building up its IT eco-platform by automating processes and implementing digital transformation tools. As part of the development of Pulkovo airport information systems, we are interested in establishing partnerships and cooperation with T1 Cloud,” said Leonid SergeevGeneral Director of the company “Air Gates of the Northern Capital”.

“The purpose of the memorandum is to establish, promote and strengthen long-term cooperation between T1 Cloud and the Northern Capital Gateway, to achieve the maximum effect for the customer from interaction in various areas: system integration, software development, cloud services, information security, network technologies, engineering infrastructure and data processing centers. I am sure that cooperation with Pulkovo Airport will be mutually beneficial and will contribute to the development of domestic digital platforms and industry services, which is especially important in the context of the market reorientation towards alternative solutions,” noted Georgy Dzhabievcommercial director of T1 Cloud.

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