T1 Consulting has created a center for advanced support for SAP products

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The Russian integrator and developer of IT solutions T1 Consulting has launched a center for extended technical support for systems developed on the basis of SAP. The new service will allow businesses to increase the speed of processing and resolving incidents, as well as reduce the company’s costs by at least 20% compared to the cost of vendor support.

Depending on the tasks and problems of the company, support on the extended line is carried out in three blocks: expert analysis, troubleshooting and compliance with legal requirements. Adapting existing functionality to new conditions is especially critical for business, so the integrator has already developed a unified roadmap for regulatory updates. It captures potential and accepted changes and a step-by-step process for delivering and implementing updates.

The center was created as part of an initiative to replace technical support services from foreign vendors. In less than a month, the company developed a plan to support domestic business from scratch and brought together over 250 specialists into a single team. Its core includes experts with more than a decade of experience with SAP products. Extended Support Center Manager Railya Biryukova.

“The choice of a support company should be based on a deep understanding of the product, proven experience and speed of responding to changes. Our team can guarantee personalized technical support for a wide range of products through a comprehensive approach and proactive monitoring of the latest changes. We are one of the first companies in Russia to provide such a service – for T1 Consulting it is important to help businesses move to an alternative option as smoothly as possible, since such a process should not be a risk, ”said Railya Biryukova, head of the SAP Advanced Technical Support Center.

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“Many Russian corporations have traditionally automated thousands of work processes using solutions from global vendors. Today, enterprises face a choice: create an internal IT team with new competencies to support systems or outsource the work. Given the shortage of personnel, the latter seems to be a logical solution, and besides, the customer receives significant budget savings. In addition, an external expert has the opportunity to look at the IT landscape from the point of view of business processes, and not users, and suggest improvements to the functionality or options for replacing systems,” said Ilya Nabatovdirector of production at T1 Consulting.

In March 2022, T1 Consulting also launched a similar service for companies using Oracle software. According to the Gartner 2020 report, the global advanced technical support market has grown steadily over the past five years, with a CAGR of 30%. For Russian users, this is especially true due to temporary interruptions in the official support of developers.

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