Take a look at the new aerial images of Moravia and Silesia. Brno produces an army, the south is ravaged by a tornado

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At the end of the winter, ČÚZK published new aerial photographs of the western part of the republic, and now Brno’s TopGis, which photographed Moravia and Silesia, has been added. Shots of the South Moravian, Zlín, Olomouc and Moravian-Silesian regions are already publicly available on its Smart Maps map portal.

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Graduates of the local University of Defense are walking on the Freedom Square in Brno, so TopGis flew over the city on July 29. 2021 in the morning

TopGis, which has so far provided services to Seznam and its Mapy.cz service, photographed the east of the republic during the period summer-early autumn 2021. His machines Cessna 404 (OK-TGS) a Vulcanair P68 (OK-GIS) 19,361 images in resolution 12.5 cm / pixel. The rest was taken care of by cartographers in the following months.

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Coverage with new images from last year, Ostrava and the center of Olomouc

On the portal you can also look at historical photographs from 2018-2020, 2016-2018 and 2014-2015. Fresh images of Moravia and Silesia from last year (albeit from another provider) are also offered by Google Maps.

Scanning aircraft on the Flightradar24 service

Specially modified TopGis and other aircraft can also be found on popular services led by Flightradar24, which monitor air traffic by eavesdropping on automatic messages from radar transponders (Mode-S / ADS-B).

Their runways are very typical, because planes during mapping draws a snake. In the past, therefore, they were the subject of interest of some less informed fellow citizens, who considered them to be systematic nebulizers of chemtrails, coronavirus, 5G and other nonsense.

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Reconstruction of the slide from the beginning of the article

TopGis aircraft have OK-GIS and OK-TGS registration. And just the aircraft OK-TGS (Cessna 404 Titan) 29.7. 2021 at 9:58 CEST actually flew over the center of Brno and his cameras captured that shot with the ceremonial elimination of new officers on Freedom Square.

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