Tasker prepares a simpler Tasky environment. It will open Android automation to beginners as well

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Tasker is a powerful tool that can automate anything on Android. However, the bottomless well of its possibilities also has a disadvantage – the application is very complicated. Anyone who can’t program at least won’t go very far. However, the author of the João Dias program is preparing a new Tasker 6, which will bring an alternative Taska user interface that will make life easier for beginners.

Users in it will not create automation from scratch, ie select inputs, events or triggers, set conditions and outputs. Instead, they download one of dozens of pre-built routines, which they just adjust to their needs. Everything is described and supplemented with pictures.

Routines are already available in the current application through the TaskerNet portal, but they have to be downloaded and imported a little more complicated. In Tasks, it will be a matter of one click. The most popular routines include:

  • Voice / sound notification when the mobile phone’s battery capacity drops below a certain limit.
  • Automatic launch of a specific application when headphones are connected.
  • Mute the mobile phone when the display is turned down.
  • Automatic activation of the hotspot in the car.
  • Change notification settings when you get home.
  • Daily wallpaper change.
  • Shake the flashlight on.
  • Sending the exact position from GPS when receiving an SMS in a special format.

Apple and Google are testing automation

Tasker has over a million installations and an average score of 4.6 / 5. It is a paid application, it costs (one-time) CZK 95. There are some very good alternatives that are also a little easier to understand. We can recommend, for example, Automate (119 CZK) or Macrodroid (from 60 CZK). They often come from Tasker and use some of its plugins.

Google itself is just shy about automation. Already three years ago, he announced the so-called Action Blocks, which could easily combine the output of one application into another. But it does not promote technology in any way. He then put some automation into the Assistant, but it is limited both functionally and mainly regionally. But Bixby Routine also manages to automate activities on Samsung mobile phones.

Apple has its own automation platform. It is called shortcuts, works on iOS, iPadOS and macOS and offers a surprising number of options in an environment that is accessible to beginners. But he does not have as many options as Tasker.

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