Telegram 8.0 introduces ‘streams’ for audiences without limits

Telegram 8.0 introduces 'streams' for audiences without limits

It takes Telegram about latest releases something more- in which rather than compete with WhatsApp, seems to want to compete with YouTube and Twitch. This one that arrives now, Telegram 8.0 is the culmination, at least for the moment, in what to turn the service into a radio and television station through the Internet.

I’m not saying it, nor is it a dream of mine. ” The power to make your own TV station is here, in your pocket “, is one of the clearest messages that Telegram 8.0 leaves us in the  official announcement  of its latest version. If we add to this that they have replicated the Clubhouse functionality for months, that group video calls made their way with an audience in mind and that the end of the restrictions has focused more on that audience than on the participants …

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Telegram has just turned eight years old and if on its previous anniversary video calls served as cake, in this,  unlimited streams are  the great novelty. That is,  live broadcasts with unlimited viewers in the groups and channels . And as these broadcasts can be audio or video, according to taste or need, the Telegram 8.0 pocket radio is a fact. Your audience is unlimited “except for the popularity of your channel, or the population of the Earth,” they say.

However, in Telegram 8.0 (version only for mobile phones) there are other new features that are worth commenting, such as  flexible forwarding , which is the option to forward a message hiding – it was a year! – the original sender or the comments on messages multimedia. How this is done is through an intermediate sequence in which the message to be shared can be previewed.

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Other new features of  Telegram 8.0  (it’s its eighth anniversary and this is its version number, yes) include an option to scroll through the channels that you follow without returning to the chat list: pulling up with a thumb gesture when you arrive at the end of the channel to move on to the next;  Featured stickers , so you can easily add them to your collection; a new count of unread messages in each chat; and new animated emoji, not to be missed.


In short, Telegram 8.0 is a more contained update than usual, as long as we except the fact that this application or service, whatever you want to call it, has been mutating for years  to something beyond instant messaging , or simply messaging. Telegram is a potential media platform, a somewhat  sui generis social network, but a social network after all… And yes, it is also messaging with bits of productivity software.

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