Telegram introduces a paid subscription. Users will be offered to pay for stickers and avatars

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Telegram will have a paid monthly subscription in the near future. It will include over 10 additional features, including increasing many limits, disabling ads, and limiting the speed of downloading content. The subscription price is unknown. Telegram developers have been saying for years that there will never be any subscriptions or ads in the messenger. Apparently something didn’t go according to plan.

Durov needs users’ money

Telegram messenger Pavel Durov will implement a paid subscription for the foreseeable future for users who want more features in exchange for their money. According to the portal “Durov’s Code”. You will have to pay, among other things, for new stickers that are not available without a subscription, as well as for the ability to install animated avatars on your profile.

Screenshots from the premium settings menu have leaked to the Web, on which the “Subscribe” button is visible. However, the cost is not indicated on the images, and Telegram itself has not yet published information about the amount of money that the user will have to spend monthly to gain access to paid features of the service.

Telegram subscription is optional. You can’t buy it

The timing of the launch of premium subscriptions in Telegram at the time of publication of the material was not known. But the developers, in all likelihood, are working on their integration, since back in early May 2022, users discovered blocked reactions in the beta version of the messenger. The Telegram team remains silent.

What will you be asked to pay for?

A paid subscription offers a whole host of additional features. There are more than 10 of them in total. The first point is doubling some of the limits present in the messenger. So, the number of fixed dialogs will increase from five to 10, it will be possible to create up to 20 folders with chats, and not 10 as it is now. The following will also increase: the total number of chats in one folder (200 instead of 100), the number of supergroup channels (100 instead of 500) and pinned chats inside the folder (200 instead of 100). Purchasing a subscription will further increase the number of public links for channels and supergroups from 10 to 20, the number of featured stickers from 5 to 10), and the limit of saved GIFs from 200 to 400.

Paid features of Telegram. Source: Durov’s Code

By purchasing a subscription, the user will also be able to download 4 GB files instead of 2 GB, will remain without download speed limits and will be able to convert any voice messages into text. In addition, he will no longer see ads in chats, will be able to set up automatic archiving of all new chats, and will receive a unique paid subscription owner badge next to his name. Also, the price will include some premium stickers, animated avatars and additional application icons that are not available to ordinary users. Finally, it will be possible to use new animated reactions.

Never say never

Pavel Durov launched Telegram in 2013. Over the nine years of its existence, it has achieved significant success in terms of popularity – for example, in Russia, in terms of the number of users at the beginning of 2022, it was second only to WhatsApp (data from

From the very first days of Telegram, Durov claimed that his messenger would always be free, no matter what happened. This was also mentioned in advertising illustrations, on which the phrase “Telegram is free forever. No ads, no paid subscriptions” (Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription fees).

Durov’s nobility lasted seven years. As CNews reported, at the end of 2020, he announced preparations for the monetization of Telegram. Durov planned to use the funds received to cover the costs of servers and traffic.

The third comic in the second row has lost its relevance.

At first, the developers planned to add additional paid features for business teams to the messenger and simultaneously launch an advertising platform for Telegram channels. It took the Durov team about a year to create such a platform – it started working in November 2021 and immediately aroused user dissatisfaction.

Hybrid integration platform can reduce time-to-market and development costs


The messenger received an update, the installation of which led to the appearance of “sponsored” posts in the channels. Users could not disable them for free – this service cost money.

Durov did not name the amount of the fee for disabling advertising, but he did not fail to write that money for this option would also be charged from channel owners. He said that channel administrators in exchange for a certain amount will be able to turn off advertising for all users.

Potential advertisers were also not enthusiastic about Durov’s idea. To place ads, they needed to have free 2 million euros (129.74 million rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank as of June 7, 2022). Telegram kept half of this amount as a deposit, that is, advertisers could spend only the second half of it on advertising posts.

We also add that Telegram developers, in their own words, do not transfer user data to government agencies and security forces. However, in early June 2022, preliminary evidence to the contrary appeared.

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