Telegram mocks WhatsApp on Twitter

Telegram mocks WhatsApp on Twitter

The relationship between Telegram and WhatsApp has always been, let’s say, strained. And it is that the Durov brothers, responsible for Telegram, have never hesitated to point out the deficiencies of Facebook’s instant messaging service . And it is undoubted that in many aspects Telegram has managed to take the lead over WhatsApp, for whatever reasons, it tends to be behind, in functions, with respect to its rivals.

The latest example of this can be found in the function, recently inaugurated, that allows migrating the history between Android and iOS , something expected for a long time and that finally, just a few days ago, began to allow migration from iOS to Smartphones. from Samsung, although not yet to other Android devices . A function that other services such as Telegram have had for a long time, something that the Durov brothers have very much in mind.


Thus, and with the function finally deployed, WhatsApp published a tweet announcing the news, with the following text:

” New phone, same memories.

Changing your phone no longer means losing your chat history. Starting today, you can move your WhatsApp history from iOS to Samsung. And soon on all devices . »

The message got 451 retweets, 246 quoted tweets, and 2,234 likes , which is a fairly reasonable number of engagements. The problem is that one of the answers was signed by the Telegram account. And, as you may have already guessed, it wasn’t exactly congratulations on the new feature:

A reply that, in addition, has obtained many more interactions than the original message , which certainly will not have been amusing to those responsible for WhatAapp. And it is that there have been 1,401 retweets, 764 tweets cited and no less than 11,800 likes, more than four times those collected by the original message.

Telegram mocks WhatsApp on Twitter

Regarding the content of the Telegram message, it is obviously an allusion to how “late” this function arrives , if we compare it with when it began to be available in other services, such as yours. And not only have they settled for that, in addition many of the response messages, in which Telegram is praised to the detriment of WhatsApp, have also obtained a response from the official account of the service, generating even more movement and noise around of the same.

What do you think of this type of interaction between companies? Do you find it fun or do you think they should be more formal? I admit that as a general rule I find it funny, but there are times when I think that they might just get a little out of hand. What do you think of this case?

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