Tesla starts selling Cyberquad. This time a reduced version for children

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Tesla has been a novelty in recent days. Yesterday it was a Cybertruck-shaped whistle, today we are returning to electric car products. Cyberquad for Kids is an electric quad bike for children from the age of eight with a price tag of $ 1,900, ie about 52,000 crowns. The big Tesla Cyberquad ATV was introduced as a “one more thing” at the premiere of Cybertruck in 2019.

The maximum speed is 16 km / h, the return is limited to 8 km / h, the stated range is 24 kilometers, but of course it depends on how heavy you put the child in the saddle (the stated maximum is 68 kg). These are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are enough for a nice afternoon trip. It charges for a relatively long 5 hours, but in this case we can hardly expect charging power like on a supercharger.

The description on the product page mentions a steel frame, padded seat, rear disc brakes on the rear axle and LED lights. You will find more detailed information in the FAQ or in the assembly instructions (you must take care of the assembly yourself).

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