Thanks to digitalization, Muscovites did not have to provide half a billion certificates and extracts

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In the capital, the 11th anniversary of the base register – the city’s system of interdepartmental electronic interaction. It provides authorities with access to hundreds of types of documents necessary for the provision of public services. Thanks to her, Muscovites did not have to provide more than 522 million certificates, said the deputy mayor Natalya Sergunina.

“The basic register simplifies the interaction between departments and, as a result, increases the efficiency of public administration. Today there are available more than 400 types of documents. The advantages of this system for Muscovites are also obvious. For 11 years of operation of the register, the townspeople did not need to provide half a billion certificates and extracts,” said Natalya Sergunina.

As specified in the capital’s Department of Information Technology, the base register helped to digitize hundreds of services for both citizens and entrepreneurs. Among them, enrolling a child in a circle or sports section, applying for a subsidy, obtaining a license, and much more.

“We strive to minimize the time that citizens spend collecting paper documents. Thus, the transfer of various services to electronic form allowed Muscovites to be freed from unnecessary visits, including to public service centers. Effective interdepartmental interaction allows checking most documents automatically, while residents of the capital only need to fill in the information online and get the service in just a couple of clicks,” said the Chairman of the Moscow Public Services Committee Elena Shinkaruk.

In 2021, public services for business in the property and land sector were completely transferred to electronic form. This has reduced the delivery time.

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“For example, it became possible to assign or cancel an address in eight working days instead of 10, to make changes to the lease agreement in 31 days instead of 56, consent to transactions is provided in 15 days, previously it was 35. At the same time, the actual terms for the provision of services are often shorter than the scheduled . So, according to the regulations, it is possible to obtain certificates of housing rights registered before January 31, 1998 in 14 working days. In some cases, after transferring to an exclusively electronic format, it takes an average of 30 minutes to issue a certificate, and the minimum period can be up to three minutes, ”said the Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of City Property Maxim Gaman.

More than 380 online services are now presented on the capital’s portal. In 2021, they were used 472 million times, 65 million more than in 2020.

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