The 5 best games for Wordle addicts

The 5 best games for Wordle addicts

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A mix of “Holdman 2.0” with interactive word search, the wordle was born as a simple joke, but that took the internet by storm. The game was so successful that it wasn’t long before it was sold to The New York Times for over $1 million.

As the game only offers one word to be guessed per day by internet users, it is natural that the public ended up going after similar games to satisfy their desire and face more and more daily challenges.

The good news is that the popularity of gambling has spawned a series of titles that are based on the same proposal to entertain players daily – inside and outside the world of words. To help you in this search for the perfect complement to the game, the TecMasters compiled the top 5 games for anyone addicted to Wordle.

5 games for those who enjoy Wordle

Among so many clones or apps that try to emulate the fun of Wordle without much success, it can be difficult to find a game that really understands what makes wordplay work and is simply addictive.

Fortunately, the TecMasters has delved deep into this new but growing segment and brought you the best options for everyday fun searching for words, songs or even movies. Check out our Top 5:

1) Term

One of the first – and most famous – Brazilian games inspired by Wordle, Term it is much more than a simple clone of the original game. In addition to bringing a catalog of words 100% in Portuguese to the game, allowing many more people to have access to the challenges, Termo has evolved over time to present even more challenging modalities, such as Dueto and Quarteto, which ask you to solve 2 or 4 simultaneously games in the same match.

2) Dungleon


Image: Dungleon

With Dungleon, the gamification of the word game reaches a new level, as the gameplay is inspired by RPGs and changes the letters for icons of treasures, heroes, monsters and other characters. The idea here is that you defeat the current dungeon before your 6 attempts to guess the composition of the dungeon run out. Some specific rules spice up the challenge even more, such as the fact that some tiles only appear together with others or that all “maps” have at least 1 hero and 1 monster.

3) Heard


Image: Heardle

Another one that strays from the traditional theme of Worlde is the hearle. As the English name implies – “hear” = “to listen” – this game asks you to listen to short snippets of songs to guess songs instead of words. The game covers all kinds of styles and eras, and can be a challenge even for those who have spent their lives with their ears glued to the radio, exchanging CDs with friends or devouring all Spotify playlists.

The only “flaw” of Heardle is that, due to copyright, some of the daily challenges cannot be reproduced by Brazilian users.

4) Framed


Image: Framed

THE framed is the version of the game for card-carrying moviegoers. Each day, the site shows frames of a particular movie. If you don’t get it right the first time, you have 5 more opportunities to remember where these scenes come from, as each attempt displays a new frame referring to a movie. It is worth remembering that you must use the English name of the film, which means that instead of “Avengers: Endgame”, you would have to type “Avengers: Endgame” to make your guess if you saw the fat Thor in the image, for example.

5) Wordle Challenge

Wordle Challenge

Image: Wordle Challenge

Finally, another very Brazilian version of the original game: the Wordle Challenge. Created by developer Maurício Pinguim, the game adds a good dose of versatility and customization to gameplay. You can select a challenge with words containing 5 to 8 letters or enter a real marathon against time to test your vocabulary and reasoning skills.

The highlight of the Wordle Challenge, however, is its Kids Mode, which allows the youngest kids to also join in the fun and reinforce their knowledge in a very fun way. This mode allows the player to enable hints or select word categories such as Sports, Animals, Countries and more.

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