The autumn version of the Eleven has moved to the next level. Windows 11 22H2 Released as Beta

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According to more indications, this year autumn release windows 11which will be internally labeled as version 22H2, is approaching completion. In mid-February, the development branch in the Dev z channel was changed rs_prerelease on ni_release. The test sets of the Eleven continue to bear the designation 22H2 from March.

In addition, Microsoft started on them test empty service updatestesting the reliability of update processes. He does this another time, but not to the same extent. Two empty updates were released for builds 22567 and 22572, one for the upcoming build 22579 and the most recent build 22581.

Revision 22581.100 was published two days apart. Therefore, at least one trial service update was released for each March build. The last and most significant indicator of near completion is the fact that Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22581 broke into the Beta channel. Builds from this development branch until then were only available in the Dev channel.

Watch out for Dev

The Redmonds continued to organize in the second half of March March 2022 Bug Bash. These actions encourage the community to concentrate and test errors in test builds. The development of Windows 11 version 22H2 is therefore visibly moving to the last stage of development. If you’re not afraid, you can join the Beta channel, where the code will be stabilized.

If you do not want to continue testing early development versions of Windows, sign out of the Dev channel. Microsoft warns itself that it opens a short time window when you have to make a decision. It practically means that Fresh development kits with new experiments will soon be heading to the Dev channel, which will no longer be associated with version 22H2, but with one of the other releases. (Unless, of course, a particular experiment is buried.)

If you miss the announcement, you will not downgrade. At the same time, Microsoft warns that not all of the features it tests in the Beta channel may appear in the final release of Windows 11. However, this is more likely than the Dev channel experiments, which explicitly knock out community reactions.

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