The base of virtual mobile numbers “Telfin” covers 43 cities of Russia

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The Russian telecom provider Telfin has expanded the list of cities with the ability to connect virtual mobile numbers. The company launched the sale of numbers in Tver, Belgorod, Lipetsk, Cheboksary, Vladimir, Vladivostok and Penza. The general list of presence of Telfin mobile subscribers covers 43 cities of Russia. This was reported to CNews by Telfin representatives.

Telfin is present in more than 70 Russian cities. According to Telfin research, users are more loyal to calls from local numbers. For example, people are 1.5 times more likely to pick up the phone from the number of their region, and the duration of the dialogue in this case increases by 15%.

Virtual mobile numbers are actively connected by customers who previously used the unified federal number 8-800 and virtual mobile numbers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The cost of connection and the monthly subscription fee for servicing regional mobile numbers from Telfin are several times less than city numbers. Connecting a virtual mobile number takes on average no more than 30 minutes. Configuration is carried out remotely by Telfin employees.

“In our time, it is extremely important to always be in touch with customers, and in order to increase trust in a company in the region of presence, it is always better to use a local number. Virtual mobile numbers are suitable for solving this problem. With their help, it is easy to organize dedicated lines for regular customers, as well as register in social networks and instant messengers,” said Ivan Pavlovproject manager “Telfin”.

To expand the functionality of the corporate telephone network, companies connect virtual mobile numbers to the PBX, which opens up new options for users of this service for working with calls: call statistics and recording, voice mail, forwarding, etc.

In addition, a virtual phone number can easily become personal. To do this, you just need to connect it to the internal extension PBX. In this case, all the functionality of a regular Telfin virtual number applies to the personal number.

Among other things, in the case of integrating a virtual PBX and CRM, when calling a personal number, a company employee knows in advance who the call came from. The system immediately displays the client card and the history of cooperation on the smartphone screen, which greatly simplifies the communication process.


Telfin is a Russian provider of customized solutions for corporate communications. Telfin services include cloud telephony for business, virtual PBX, and Telfin.softphone softphone. The company provides virtual numbers in 73 cities of Russia and 38 countries of the world.

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