The battery capacity of the new iPhone SE was revealed only by disassembly. Only Apple can afford such a ridiculous value today

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The PBKreviews YouTube channel has got the latest iPhone SE (2022) “under the pole”, so you too can see what the guts of the new affordable iPhone look like. However, the most important finding from the analysis is the battery, the capacity of which Apple traditionally conceals, and instead the manufacturer provides, often misleading information, about endurance in hours during individual activities. Or just a simple statement “bigger battery”, without any details.

The positive information is that the battery of the new “es éčka” has finally swung over the target of two thousand mAh. Recall that we can only double the capacity of Androids today. Specifically, the new iPhone SE has capacity 2,018 mAhbehind which we can see the announced endurance “Two more hours while watching videos”. The previous generation, the iPhone SE (2020), had an integrated battery with a capacity of 1,821 mAh, so you will improve the new generation by a full 197 mAh.

Disassembly of the iPhone SE (2022):

However, this time Apple did not get a standing ovation for the components used. You can physically get the battery from the older “es éčko” into the new model, but as a matter of purpose, both phones use a different connector for the battery. Because both models are fitted with the same 4.7 “IPS Retina display with a resolution of 1,334 × 750 pixels, at first glance it looked like you would be able to use a display from an older phone as a replacement. Apple chose the same connector but the older display you won’t drive in the new model, because the phone recognizes it and artificially turns off touch recognition!

The phone got a repairability score of only 5.5 out of 10, just because both the last and inside do not have much different “es éčka”, so changing connectors and display restrictions are completely unnecessary. Will the iPhone SE (2022) be more successful than the previous two generations? You can read a closer presentation of this year’s first iPhone here.

New Apple iPhone SE (2022):

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