The best 1C students of secondary vocational education were named based on the results of the 2022 academic year

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During the spring, qualifying and final stages of the national championship “Young Professionals” (“WorldSkills Russia”) were held in the regions of the country. This year, the 1C:Enterprise technological platform and applied solutions have become tools for performing professional tasks for a number of competencies, both at the previous regional stages and at the competitions that end the academic year.

The best students and experts of the “Accounting” competence from 64 regions of the country met in Magadan. The site for the competition was provided by the Severny Artek children’s and youth health center, the infrastructure and support was provided by the Magadan Polytechnic College with the participation of partners “Eibikraft” and “1C-Forus”. In the status of chief expert, the championship was headed by Elvira BorisovaCompetence Manager, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of the Russian University of Cooperation.

The competition task, designed for 17 hours, consisted of 4 modules: current accounting and data grouping, tax accounting and tax planning, financial reporting and its analysis, evaluation and performance management. To complete the task “1C: Accounting 8” and the information system “1C: ITS”.

2022 Winners: Gold – Yaroslav Smirnov, St. Petersburg; silver – Daria Monastyreva, Sverdlovsk region; bronze – Xenia ChaderinaKirov region, Kristina PetrovaChuvash Republic.

All the winners and their mentors were awarded cash prizes from 1C, and they were also given free annual access to the PROF-level 1C:Enterprise via the Internet service.

This year, for the first time, 1C: Document Management became a tool for solving professional problems in the competence of “Document support for management and archiving”. According to the competency manager Elena Zueva, the study of electronic document management, office automation processes, the introduction of digital infrastructure in the educational process are priority areas for the development of competence. The choice of the 1C solution for the qualifying competitions was made as a result of a thorough analysis by experts of the functionality of the product, methodological and technological support offered by the developers.

Championship on the basis of the Sakhalin industrial and economic technical school under the guidance of the chief expert Tatyana Farninaa lecturer at the Ufa College of Technology and Design, a certified Worldsicles expert, brought together teams from 30 regions.

Completing the competition task, the participants registered incoming, outgoing and internal documents, received tasks from managers, organized the execution of instructions, and compiled reports. The best contestants will now compete for prizes in the online final: Christina AgeevaRepublic of Bashkortostan; Arina ZagoruikoYamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug; Ekaterina ChertovskikhMoscow; Daria MedvedevaSakhalin region; Yana ChugaevaSverdlovsk region; Polina TarasenkoSt. Petersburg; Arina KupriyanovaVologodskaya Oblast; Anastasia KhomichOmsk region; Svetlana KurnykovaMoscow region; Snezhana NazarovaChuvash Republic; Ksenia VysheslavovaYaroslavl region.

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1C:Document Management is available in the 1C:Enterprise for Education service. Based on the results of the qualifying competitions, 1C decided to expand the special free promotion “Easy Start” for all teachers who want to master the course of professional work in the 1C: Document Management 8 program.

Saransk plans to host the face-to-face final of the IT solutions for business on the 1C:Enterprise platform this year. Based on the results of the qualifying competitions, in which 49 regional teams took part, the Republic of Mordovia is waiting for contestants and experts from 12 regions, and is also preparing its representatives.

As part of the qualifying round, for the first time, a task was proposed that required knowledge of a typical configuration of “1C: Trade Management” and the ability to develop an extension for it. Five contestants coped with the task so well that they were awarded the 1C: Junior qualification. The representatives of Sakhalin and the Pskov region should also be noted – this academic year, the regions joined the championship movement for the first time and immediately reached the final.

Finalists of the main age group (under 22): Nelly SpitsynaSverdlovsk region; Aleksandr KuznetsovKhanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra; Vadim BerdikVolgograd region; Maxim KhitrovMoscow; Grigory DudarevUdmurt republic; Timofey MelnikovMoscow region; Mikhail PorokhinSakhalin region; Alexander SotnikovOmsk region; Alexander IgnatievPskov region.

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Finalists among juniors (under 17): Rinat SafarovMoscow; Diana FurtovaOrenburg region; Svyatoslav ZotovMoscow region; Arseny SergeevRepublic of Tatarstan; Julia LukoshkinaStavropol region; Artem KonovalovSverdlovsk region.

Qualifying competitions for the competency “IT solutions for business on the platform” 1C:Enterprise “was traditionally hosted by the Ufa College of Radio Electronics, Telecommunications and Security. Chief expert of the championship – Vladimir IvanovLecturer at the Moscow College of Business Technologies, Deputy for junior direction – Alexander Ryabchenkolecturer at Serpukhov College, both certified WorldSkills experts.

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