The best of the Summer Game Fest. Remake of Last of Us, Layers of Fears, demo from Callisto Protocol and more

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This year’s big presentation of the Summer Game Fest didn’t have many big surprises. But sci-fi fans will definitely get their money’s worth.

Aliens: Dark Descent – real-time strategy with aliens

At the beginning of this year’s big presentation of the Summer Game Fest came the announcement of the novelty of the Tindalos Interactive studio, which has played games from the Battlefleet Gothic series. This time they borrowed the Aliens brand. In Dark Descent, you will host entire units of Marines who have to deal with Xenomorphy. But they will not be their only enemies.

You need to take good care of your unit as the enemy adapts to your strategy. As soon as you lose one of the soldiers, you have to say goodbye to him. The environments and different classes that you determine for the members of your unit should give you enough opportunities to get out of more difficult situations.

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