the best series to watch

the best series to watch

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Have you just subscribed to OCS or have you already subscribed but you don’t know which series to watch? Here is our top 10 of the best OCS series! For several years, the platform has offered the best American series 24 hours after their broadcast in the United States. Among them: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Euphoria, Succession or the very recent Irma Vep!

OCS, which stands for Orange Cinema Series, is a VOD service created in 2008. The platform is particularly popular with series fans since it broadcasts series from HBO, AMC, MGM, Sony Pictures Television and TBS. Most new series are even broadcast in VOST only 24 hours after their broadcast in the United States.

With the upcoming arrival of the HBO Max platform in France, the agreement between HBO and OCS should not be renewed. This agreement should therefore potentially end at the end of 2022. It’s high time to bingewatch all the HBO series before it’s too late!

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As the agreement with HBO shows, series can disappear from the OCS platform for broadcasting rights reasons. New series also arrive regularly. If your favorite series on OCS is not present in this top 10, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments why we should include it.

Game Of Thrones

This is certainly the biggest evidence of this top since it is THE series that has unleashed passions in recent years. The last season may have disappointed fans but it remains a monument of recent pop culture. If you haven’t devoured this series yet, it’s time to catch up and watch all 8 seasons in one go. This great saga which adapts the novels of George RR Martin is renowned for its many unexpected and dramatic reversals. Winter is coming!

  • To be reserved for : fans of Heroic Fantasy and great epics
  • Cherry on the cake : the episode of the purple wedding

The Walking Dead

Another cult series that has fascinated throughout its eleven seasons. We follow Rick Grimes who comes out of a coma to discover that the entire planet has been contaminated and is now populated by the living dead. We will have to organize ourselves as a group to succeed in getting out of it. Unfortunately, he will soon discover that the zombies are not the main threat in his quest for survival.

  • To be reserved for : fans of zombie and doomsday movies
  • The icing on the cake : the charismatic character of Daryl

Irma Vep

Of course, there are also recent series on OCS. Irma Vep is an 8-episode 1-hour mini-series created by French director Olivier Assayas and currently airing. This is the remake of the film Irma Vep released in 1996 by the same director Olivier Assayas. Irma Vep is the anagram of Vampire because this film told the story of the chaotic filming of the film Les Vampires released in 1915, directed at the time by Louis Feuillade. Carried by star Alicia Vikander, this series mainly talks about current cinema and its excesses with a lot of self-mockery.

  • To be reserved for : movie fans
  • Cherry on the cake : Alicia Vikander who takes over the role of the breathtaking Maggie Cheung

The Handmaid’s Tale: The Scarlet Maid

This series is the adaptation of the novel by Margaret Atwood written in 1985. It describes a dystopian world in which a drastic drop in the fertility rate has allowed the “Sons of Jacob”, a fundamentalist religious sect, to take power and establish very strict and totally arbitrary rules. We follow the destiny of June Osbourne who, despite herself, becomes a servant whose only function is to get pregnant and allow an elite couple to have a child. Very hard and very fair, The Handmaid’s Tale is a work that leaves no one indifferent.

  • To be reserved for : fans of dystopias
  • The icing on the cake : the remarkable performance of Elisabeth Moss in the main role


Wealth and success make you dream? You might change your mind after watching the first 3 seasons of Succession. Logan Roy is the head of a huge media conglomerate in the United States. Aging, he announced that he wanted to leave his place and who better to replace him than his own son Kendall? But while the father continues to cling to his post, a real merciless war will break out within this family of billionaires.

  • To be reserved for : fans of series that deals with power and its excesses
  • The icing on the cake : Kieran Culkin, Macaulay Culkin’s little brother, and his crazy character


Produced by rapper Drake, this series shows us the tumultuous life of young American high school students of Generation Z. Identity quest, power of social networks, addictions, traumas… The themes evoked are very strong and treated with great accuracy. The series is particularly appreciated for its artistic direction and for its talented young actors including the main actress, Zendaya.

  • To be reserved for : more than 16 years old!
  • The icing on the cake : the explosive duo Zendaya and Hunter Schafer


Imagine a Wild West-themed amusement park populated by ultra-realistic androids. Imagine being able to go to this park and do whatever you want without any consequences. You could freely satisfy your most extravagant fantasies or succumb to your darkest impulses. How would you behave? But when a few androids begin to realize their plight, everything goes awry. Season 4 arrives June 27 on OCS.

  • To be reserved for : shock concept enthusiasts
  • The icing on the cake : The first season is particularly successful

Silicon Valley

To complete this top 10 of the best OCS series, here is a comic series: Silicon Valley. We follow a team of 5 geeks who have only one dream: to create the new successful start-up. But in this highly competitive world, having a great idea and technical skills is not enough. Our 5 crazy programmers are not at the end of their trouble!

  • To be reserved for : Big Bang Theory fans
  • The icing on the cake : The 5 actors and their hilarious characters


This mini-series retraces with appalling realism the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of April 26, 1986. We follow the explosion of the reactor and its consequences on the workers of the plant as well as on the inhabitants of the surroundings. We also discover the aftermath of this disaster and all the efforts to try to contain the consequences of this dramatic accident. A poignant and very realistic series that makes us measure the magnitude of this event and the appalling fate of the people directly impacted.

  • To be reserved for : lovers of realistic and hard series
  • The icing on the cake : The aesthetics and realism of the staging

watch men

To finish this top 10 OCS series, here is a mini-series that is too little known in France, yet it is one of the best series in the HBO and OCS catalog. Watchmen is a series inspired by the graphic novel of the same name. She takes her universe and transposes it into a contemporary world of ours in which a group of white supremacists attacked the police and their families during the “sleepless night”. Following this event, the police all wear yellow balaclavas to work incognito. But 3 years later, the group behind the attack may well be back…

  • To be reserved for : superhero lovers with a more modern and realistic approach
  • The icing on the cake : The series is created by Damon Lindelof already at the origin of the incredible The Leftovers

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