best wall mounts for hanging tv VESA standard

The best wall mounts to hang your TV

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Have you taken advantage of the latest offers to change your TV or buy a new one? Congratulations, now it’s time to place it in your living room or bedroom. and for it it is very likely that you are looking among the wall brackets on the market to hang your televisionsince both aesthetically and functionally a hanging television is much better integrated into the room.

If so, we can help you. We have compiled some of the most recommended wall mounts to hang your TV. We have relied both on our own experience and on that of the AVPasión user community. On the other hand, at the end of the article you can find desktop and floor stands. The former will give us a little more play than the original TV stand, while the latter will allow us to have the TV “hung” without having to drill holes in the wall. A good option if you live for rent or if you simply do not trust your walls.

How can I know what bracket my TV needs?

best wall mounts for hanging tv VESA standard
Panasonic JZ1500

Before seeing the wall brackets that we recommend, we are going to quickly explain how to know which bracket you need. Universal mounts are governed by the VESA mounting standard. this standard defines the distance in millimeters between the 4 holes that we have on the back of the TV (horizontal distance x vertical distance).

The most common VESA measurements are 200×200 for TVs up to 32 inches, 400×400 for TVs up to 60 inches, and 600×400 for TVs with larger diagonals. However, these are only the most common measures, they are not always followed. That is why it is best to check the VESA measurement of our television before buying a support. For this we have two options: go to the official technical specifications of the model or measure it manually.

Usually all four VESA holes are visible. They may be covered by plugs, but they are usually relatively easy to see. We will have to measure both the horizontal and vertical distance. When we read a VESA distance the first number will be the horizontal measurement and the second number will be the vertical measurement. So, as you can see, it’s really simple.

best wall brackets for hanging tv VESA standard LG C1
VESA LG OLED C1 77-inch

For example, the well-known and highly sold during Black Friday LG C1 has VESA measurements of 300×200 mm in 55 and 65 inchesbeing of 400×200mm in 77 inches. That is, if you are going to buy the support before having the television, look for both the correct model and the correct size.

And now that you know how to find out what kind of wall mount we need, here is a brief selection of wall mounts to hang your brand new TV.

wall brackets

Vogel’s BASE 05 L

best TV wall mounts VOGELS Base 05

We start our selection with the Vogel’s BASE 05 L, a fixed wall bracket capable of carrying a TV between 40 and 80 inches. It is capable of supporting up to 70 kg of weight and is compatible with VESA up to 800×400, so we are going to be able to place practically any television on the market with it.

You may be wondering how it can hold so much weight. This is because Vogel’s BASE 05 L is a mount that leaves the TV very close to the wall. With this support we can mount our television with a separation of only 2.7 cmbeing very safe.

However, you must bear in mind that the Vogel’s BASE 05 L is a fixed support. It does not offer any kind of movement to the screen, not even a slight tilt.

Vogel’s is a great specialist in TV mounts. Their supports are usually more expensive than those of other brands, but they offer a lot of quality. In fact, we’ve put the Vogel’s BASE 05 L on the list of recommended wall mounts because several members of the AVPasion team have it and love it.

Currently you can get the Vogel’s BASE 05 L on Amazon with a price less than 60 euros.

Vogel's BASE 05 L TV wall bracket, Fixed, For TVs between 40-80 inches (102-203 cm), VESA Max.  800x400, Max Load.  70kg, TÜV Certification

Vogel’s THIN 505

best wall brackets for hanging tv VOGELS THIN 505

We continue with another Vogel’s model. This time it is the Vogel’s THIN 505, a fixed wall mount for TVs between 42 and 65 inches. Supports a maximum of 40 kg of weight and a maximum VESA of 600 × 400 mm.

What is its peculiarity? Well, as its name suggests, it allows you to leave the TV extremely close to the wall. The distance between TV and wall is only 15mmbeing perfect for very narrow televisions.

For example, we could use it with the Samsung QN95A, one of the thinnest TVs this year. And not only because of its thinness, but also because of the One Connect system, which means that only one cable comes out of the TV, and because it uses VESA 400×300 mm, a size compatible with this support.

Currently you can find the Vogel’s THIN 505 on Amazon with a price less than 80 euros.

Vogel's THIN 505 TV wall mount, Fixed, For TVs between 40-65 inches (102-165 cm), Max.  40kg, VESA Max.  600x400, TÜV Certification

Vogel’s WALL 3315

best TV wall mounts VOGELS Wall 3315

And we continue with Vogel’s (yes, we trust this manufacturer quite a bit) to tell you about the Vogel’s WALL 3315, a tilting wall mount that can carry TVs between 40 and 65 inches. The maximum weight that the Wall 3315 supports is 40 Kg, being compatible with a maximum VESA of 600×400 mm.

This model allows a forward tilt of 15 degrees, which makes it ideal for when we have to mount the TV a little higher than usual. The tilt angle prevents reflections and ensures that the viewing angle of the TV is correct.

you can get the Vogel’s WALL 3315 tilted at Amazon with a price less than 35 euros.

Vogel's WALL 3315 TV wall mount, Tiltable, For TVs between 40-65 inches (102-165 cm), Max.  40kg, VESA Max.  600x400, TÜV Certification

Vogel’s WALL 3305

best TV wall mounts VOGELS Wall 3305

The previous model is also available as a model for fixed installations. In this case it is called Vogel’s WALL 3305 and it is a ultra-strong wall mount for TVs ranging from 40 to 100 inches.

It supports nothing more and nothing less than up to 80 kg, being compatible with VESA up to 600 x 400 mm. This bracket leaves the TV very close to the wall, with a distance of only 2.3 cm.

you can get the Vogel’s WALL 3305 on Amazon with a price that does not reach 45 euros.

Vogel's WALL 3305 Ultra Strong Wall Mount for Extra Large (40-100 Inches) and Heavy (Max. 80 kg) TVs, Fixed, VESA System Max.  600 x 400 mm, TÜV Certification

BONTEC arm support

best tv wall mounts bontec motion

Another manufacturer that has very good reviews on Amazon is BONTEC. In its catalog we find, as we will see later, options for all tastes. Among them, and to change a bit of the style that we proposed with the Vogel’s supports, we have selected a arm support that allows us a greater movement of the television.

This double arm mount has been designed for strength and safety, but without losing versatility. They have a slim design that allows the TV to fold flat against the wall, leaving a distance of only 60 mm. It also allows the arm to be extended outwards, up to 360mmbeing able rotate 45 degrees from left to right and tilt 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down. It also allows a ±5 degree rotation adjustment to level the TV.

The BONTEC wall bracket is compatible with televisions from 37 to 80 inches. It is capable of supporting a weight of up to 65 kg and is compatible with VESA patterns up to 600×400 mm.

Now you can get this BONTEC arm support on Amazon with a price of 49.99 euros.

BONTEC TV Wall Mount Tilt and Swivel for 37-80 Inch LCD/LED TV Full Motion, Both Arms Ultra Strong, Max.  65kg, MAX.  VESA 600x400mm

Table and floor stands

BONTEC floor stand

best tv wall brackets bontec feet

If you don’t want to or can’t hang the TV, but you need a little more versatility than the standard stands or legs offer, you can opt for a table stand. For example, this one BONTEC what we recommend is compatible with TVs from 32 to 65 inches and with a maximum weight of 45 kg.

The support is compatible with the standard VESA up to 600×400mm, which will allow us to place it on practically any television. Compared to a standard base, this support offers us the possibility of adjusting it in heightwhich will allow us to leave space under the television for the sound bar or the center channel of a home theater system.

You can get this BONTEC desktop stand on Amazon with a price of 39.99 euros.

BONTEC Universal Desktop Top Pedestal TV Stand with Bracket for 32-65 Inch LCD/LED/Plasma TVs - Adjustable Height Load 45 KG and maximum VESA 600x400 mm

RFIVER floor stand

best wall brackets for hanging TV Rfiver floor

Finally, there is another option if you want to “hang” the TV but you can’t make holes in the walls. If this is your case, you can choose a floor stand like this brand RFIVER.

This is a floor stand compatible with TVs between 32 and 65 inches, capable of carrying up to 50 kg and compatible with VESA up to 600×400 mm. Secondly, allows a screen rotation of 30 degrees forks height adjustable.

The base is made of glass and has dimensions of 65×40 cm, enough to place an AV receiver or a multimedia player. It even has a central column with a hole for organizing cables.

You can get this floor stand from RFIVER on Amazon with a price of €89.99.

RFIVER Floor TV Stand Stand for Television from 32 to 70 Inches with Swivel and Adjustable Height MAX VESA 600 x 400 mm TF2003

And so far our selection of wall mounts to hang your new television. But we do not want to end without making one last recommendation. In order for the support to be perfectly straight on the wall, we recommend that you use a laser level. It is an inexpensive device and can save us a lot of trouble, both now when hanging the TV and for future improvements at home. Here we leave you a model that we have tried and we liked it a lot.

Laser Level, RockSeed Cross Laser Level Horizontal and Vertical Points 360° Rotatable 3-Way Self-Leveling Laser Level with Manual/Self-Leveling Mode IP54 1M Shockproof(Battery Included)

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