The biggest sports league will start on the weekend. The Czechoslovak top will play for four million

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The wait is over. The first rounds of sports will take place this weekend Sazka eLEAGUE. The bank has a record four million crowns. Dota 2 is on Saturday, Sunday will be marked by the popular shooter Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

IN CS: GO Sazka eLEAGUE is the largest two million prize pool and even this year there is a complete Czechoslovak top, including Sinnerswho are considered the favorites of the competition. “Sinners” made a huge purchase before the spring league part – for more than a million crowns, the infallible shooter will strengthen the team David “Forsyy” White.

Before the start of the league, Forsyy says that they take nothing but the Sinners’ victories. “We are 100% the best team on the Czechoslovak scene, we will do everything to win,” he told the server and added that he is most looking forward to the match with Dynamo Eclot.

Dota 2, PUBG and FIFA!

But the teams will have a say on Saturday Dota 2 Sazka eLEAGUE. Here the team grinds its teeth for the title DGG ESPORTSwho accepted the entire line-up of last year’s Hippomaniacs winners before his start.

“We have a successful season behind us, which culminated in CS: GO and Dota 2 at the FOR GAMES trade fair in Letňany, Prague, with the highest viewership in history. We believe that we will follow up on the start of the third year in a similar way, “ says Jan Horyna, Director of iGaming at Sazka. “In cooperation with partners, CNC has succeeded in elevating esports from a discipline known to geeks to a mainstream issue,” adds Juraj Felix, co-CEO of the Czech News Center publishing house, which also includes Živě.cz.

FIFA 22, League of Legends tournaments will be added during the year, and the league will also take place in the battle royal game PUBG. In these competitions, players will play for another two million crowns.

Get involved in the game thanks to Sazka Fantasy

The Sazka lottery company also continues to link sports activities with its products. Fans will once again have a unique opportunity to build their own teams through the free game Sazka Fantasy.

The portal will once again offer viewers a complete service of results, analyzes, articles, statistics and soon live streams.

So write in your calendars on April 9th ​​and 10th. See you on Twitch or Facebook, where the individual matches will be broadcast live.

Prize money CS: GO

The first split

  1. instead of CZK 100,000
  2. instead of CZK 50,000
  3. instead of CZK 25,000
  4. instead of CZK 10,000
  5. instead of CZK 5,000
  6. instead of CZK 5,000

Second split

  1. instead of CZK 500,000
  2. instead of CZK 100,000
  3. instead of CZK 50,000
  4. instead of CZK 25,000
  5. instead of CZK 10,000
  6. instead of CZK 10,000

Prize money DOTA

The first split

  1. instead of CZK 50,000
  2. instead of CZK 20,000
  3. instead of CZK 10,000
  4. instead of CZK 5,000
  5. instead of CZK 2,000
  6. instead of CZK 2,000 Second split

Second split

  1. instead of CZK 100,000
  2. instead of CZK 50,000
  3. instead of CZK 30,000
  4. instead of CZK 15,000
  5. instead of CZK 5,000
  6. instead of CZK 5,000

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