The cameras just won’t run out of space. Micron produced the first microSD card with a capacity of 1.5 TB

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Less than six months after the start of serial production of 176-layer flash memories, this novelty has also reached microSD cards. The Micron i400, the first memory of this format with a capacity of 1.5 TB, also stands on them. Terabyte cards began production in the spring of 2019, when rival SanDisk (WD) was the first to introduce them alongside Micron.

But even these are definitely not commonly available and you will hardly find them in the Czech Republic. It costs from 180 euros (4500 CZK) on Amazon. We don’t know yet how much it will cost and when the Micron i400 will come. But the price can easily attack ten thousand.

All the more so because the American manufacturer does not even target it on the regular consumer market, but wants to address mainly companies that would use the card for recording from security cameras. The Micron i400 has to store up to four months of video, but without knowing the resolution, frequency or bitrate, it’s just such a house number. More interesting is the fact that the card is to be dimensioned for continuous recording 24/7 and will last for five years under such a load.

Micron does not specify other specifications. However, according to the brands on the card, we know that it supports the UHS-I interface with transfer speeds of up to 104 MB / s. This is class U3, which promises sequential video writing at a speed of at least 30 MB / s, and A2, which determines that random reads reach at least 4000 IOPS and then 2000 IOPS.

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