The CEC requires more than a hundred million from the “daughter” of Rostec for disrupting the supply of electronic voting devices

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The Central Election Commission filed a lawsuit against the Avtomatiki concern for 130.3 million rubles. The lawsuit was based on a government contract for R&D to develop technical means and equip them with digital polling stations. According to the report of the Accounts Chamber, the Rostec concern missed the deadlines for completing the work. And the state corporation clarified that the R&D samples were not transferred to the customer.

CEC lawsuit against Avtomatika

As CNews found out, the Central Election Commission (CEC) filed a lawsuit against the Avtomatika concern, which is part of Rostec, in the amount of 130.3 million rubles. Information about this can be found in the file of arbitration cases. The lawsuit was filed on July 29, 2022.

According to the court ruling, the dispute arose due to a government contract concluded between the parties in September 2019 (contract No. 29-EPD/T). The number of this document appears in the conclusion of the Accounts Chamber on the execution of the CEC budget for 2020. According to the report, the state contract was concluded for the implementation of research and development work (R&D) necessary to develop technical means and equip digital polling stations with them to conduct digital voting in September 2020

This refers to polling stations equipped with special terminals, with the help of which voters can vote in the elections of governors or legislative assemblies of their regions while in Moscow. The machines automatically count the votes, record the results and generate a report.

The CEC wants to collect a penalty in the amount of 2.8 million rubles under the said agreement, as well as compensate for “harm in kind” (total amount of 130.3 million rubles). This refers to the claim for compensation for damage either as a thing of the same kind and quality as under the contract, or for compensation for damages.

Violation of the terms of the contract

According to the report of the Accounts Chamber, the CEC did not send a request to Avtomatika to pay a penalty in the amount of 555 thousand rubles. (as of January 1, 2021) due to the fact that the contractor violated the deadlines for fulfilling obligations by 275 days (the contract is due by March 31, 2020).


The Central Election Commission sued the Avtomatika concern

It follows from the document that the Avtomatika concern has not completed the fourth stage of work under the state contract as of December 31, 2020. “In fact, only the work of the second stage was completed within the deadline set by the terms of reference,” the Accounts Chamber report says. The works of the first and third stages were handed over in violation of the terms established by the terms of reference for 376 days and 269 days, respectively. As of January 1, 2021, the Avtomatika concern has not completed the work on the fourth stage, it follows from the document.

The CEC refused to buy devices because of the inflated price

The report of the Accounts Chamber notes that in 2020 the CEC was going to purchase 1,000 technical equipment for digital polling stations (PC). However, she refused to buy them. So, in 2020, the Central Election Commission planned to purchase 1,000 TsU for the amount of 460,000 rubles. “At the same time, the price offer of Avtomatika Concern JSC amounted to 850,450.3 thousand rubles for 1,000 units, which is almost twice the amount provided for in the financial and economic justification for the implementation of the federal project,” follows from the document.

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Concern Avtomatika refused to sign a state contract at a price of 460 thousand rubles. for CU. As a result, the CEC was forced to refuse to purchase them, according to the report of the Accounts Chamber.

Answer “Rostec”

Representatives of the Roselectronics holding of the state corporation Rostec told CNews that in a lawsuit for 130.3 million rubles. we are not talking about the supply of ballot processing complexes (KOIB). “Since 2019, the Avtomatika Concern has fulfilled 12 contracts for the manufacture and supply of KOIBs,” the state corporation noted. “The products showed their best performance during the elections of various levels.”

The subject of the lawsuit was research and development work on the topic “Digital polling station”. Representatives of Rostec did not tell what technical means were produced as part of R&D for the control center.

However, according to representatives of Rostec, R&D under state contract No. 29-EPD / T was completed, and samples were produced, but not transferred to the customer due to disagreements about the procedure for transferring samples. “The dispute will be further resolved in court,” they noted.

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At the CEC meeting in April 2022, the chairman of the commission Ella Pamfilova reported that the CEC is looking for a new supplier of KOIBs. According to her, Rostec weighed their options and said that they were “not 100% sure that they would fulfill the contract.” Therefore, the Central Election Commission announced that it was looking for a new supplier for these purposes.

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