The company, which is rapidly growing rich on state orders, will not be able to sell 2500 PCs to the Ministry of Emergencies

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The completed tender for the supply of PCs to EMERCOM offices throughout Russia was stopped by the decision of the FAS. The company complained to the antimonopoly department, whose application was rejected by the customer. The proceedings in the FAS ended in favor of the complainant, therefore, the company “Migalka”, which is very quickly gaining momentum on the IT state order, is left without a contract at the moment.

Cancellation of the results of the tender of the “daughter” of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

As CNews found out, the structure within the Ministry of Emergency Situations failed to conclude a contract with the winner of its tender for the supply of PCs in the amount of 219.9 million rubles. The determination of the supplier was canceled by the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).

The tender under consideration was launched on December 2, 2021 in the format of an electronic auction with an initial maximum contract price of RUB 254.2 million. The direct customer was the federal state institution “Central base of measuring equipment of the RF Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters” (MES).

Applications were accepted until December 10. After the expiration of this period, it became clear that the applicants for the budget funds are four companies: “Migalka”, “123 solutions”, MP and “Isiel Techno”.

As a result of the auction, the winner was “Migalka”, which reduced the initial contract price by 34.3 million rubles. The company “Isiel Techno” was not allowed to bid, considering that its application did not comply with the terms of the procurement legislation.

The Ministry of Emergencies by the decision of the FAS stopped a multimillion-dollar tender for the supply of PCs

The organization did not agree with this decision and on December 13, 2021 appealed to the FAS. Following the review of the company’s complaint, the supervisory authority agreed with its arguments and admitted that the customer had violated the law on the contract system. Based on this, the customer was forced on January 11, 2022 to cancel the supplier identification protocol.

On the public procurement website, the tender does not have the status of canceled. The editors are awaiting comments from the Ministry of Emergency Situations regarding when the procurement procedure can be restarted, and whether it is planned to make any changes to its conditions.

The essence of the proceedings in the FAS

In the minutes of consideration of the applications of the tender participants, the state customer stated the reason for the rejection of the offer by Isiel Techno in sufficient detail.

“It is not allowed to indicate specific values ​​of indicators if, in accordance with the requirements of the technical assignment, the value of the indicator cannot be changed or the requirements for specifying the value of the indicator by the procurement participant have not been established,” the document says. – The terms of reference for the documentation on the electronic auction contain requirements for the warranty period: “not less than 36 months”, while in accordance with the requirements of the terms of reference, the value of the indicator cannot be changed. In violation of the instructions, the procurement participant in his application changed the required indicators and indicated specific indicators for the warranty period: “36 months”. “

The Antimonopoly Service, when considering the complaint by Isiel Techno, considered the reason for the rejection of this company’s application to be unlawful. “The warranty period is not a functional, technical or quality characteristic of the product, and therefore the requirement to provide this information as part of the first parts of applications is illegal,” the FAS said in its decision. “In addition, the requirements for the warranty period are not provided for by the items of the catalog of goods, works, services to meet state and municipal needs for the supplied goods.”

What exactly is the Ministry of Emergency Situations trying to buy

As follows from the terms of reference of the aforementioned tender, the Central Base of Measuring Equipment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations requires 2542 personal computers. They must be based on eight-core, 16-thread processors with a base clock speed of at least 3 GHz. At the very least, this parameter excludes the use of any Russian-made chips in a PC – there are no domestic processors with such a frequency in the mass production of domestic processors.

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Computers must use DDR4 memory with a frequency of at least 2666 MHz and a volume of at least 12 GB.

Other characteristics of a PC include the need to use 480 GB SSD drives, a built-in card reader and a DVD-RW drive. The supplied monitor must have a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The equipment is expected to be delivered to 24 branches and departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in various regions of Russia: Moscow, Belgorod, Bryansk, Lipetsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tver, Kostroma, etc.

What is known about the company that was left without a contract

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, LLC “Migalka” was registered in Moscow on October 15, 2020. The only founder and CEO is Galina Mikhailova

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The company itself on its website states that it has been leading its history since at least 2010, when a certain first commercial offer to the customer was made to it. At the same time, the company, according to its own assurances, hired the first five employees only in 2015.

“Blinker” indicates that it supplies computer, server, network equipment, peripheral devices, consumables for them and software to government and corporate customers.

According to Kontur.fokus, the company is very active in the public sector. In a little more than a year of its existence, it took part in 702 tenders with a total initial price of agreements and contracts of 6.9 billion rubles.

The company’s real successes look somewhat more modest, but they can still be considered outstanding: Migalka managed to win 243 state tender procedures, having signed agreements for 1.8 billion rubles.

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