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The cover of the Google search engine will expand its functionality

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The google search engine cover It will expand its functionality with the possibility of adding information cards, halfway between the style of Google Discover on mobile and the front page of Microsoft Edge with that mixture of Bing and MSN. You know where the story is going, right?

According to 9to5Google, the tests to implement and polish the concept began at least a few months ago, but they are already quite advanced and will completely change the appearance and functionality of the Google search engine home page.

It is worth emphasizing the term «Google search engine cover» because the original news talks about «the new google.com«, but the normal thing is that the domain changes according to the country in which you visit and, in any case, it would not affect the results pages, which are the most used.

On the other hand, changes of this type are usually seen first on google.com, but in the US version of it… And one more thing to keep in mind: everything that is included there, will most likely end up being added to chrome new tab pagetrue zero kilometer for the vast majority of Google and Chrome users.

But what are we talking about, exactly? From what was said: fill in the empty spaces around the search field with “cards” that display information of interest to the user. For example, the weather forecast, the latest news, stock information, recommendations to watch new series and movies…

Google search engine

Image: 9to5google

Everything will depend, you see, on the user’s tastes and how they configure this function, the Google services they use, etc.

Presumably, as the function is rolled out to everyone, depending on how successful it is, it will expand with more options, because the possibilities are numerous, as can be seen in Microsoft Edge. Meanwhile, his appearance would be something like this…

Google search engine

Image: 9to5google

Indeed, nothing new under the sun. Google today goes minimalist through life with many of its products and services, but it wasn’t always like that. Or is it that no one remembers iGoogle anymore? What turns life gives, worth the redundancy!

All in all, the Google search engine home page is perhaps not the most common site in the world, despite the omnipresence of the service, since most users usually access the search engine through the browser’s new tab page… But as noted, what starts there will most likely end up there, that is, in Chrome.

It remains to be seen what Google does with the shortcuts, to finish everything as it seems it will, but the truth is that there is room for everything. We will see.

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