The Czech graphic artist modified the world-famous logos. Intelligent humor works even in a freezing situation

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Graphic designer Václav Kudělka comes from Nový Jičín and expressed his opposition to Puti’s aggression with weapons of his own. “Large brands are boycotting and leaving the Russian market to disagree with Putin’s actions against Ukraine. That’s what their logos would say if she could talk. ” it is written under a pair of posts that contain 16 modified logos known around the world.

The result is a mix of great ideas and intelligent humor, which does not seem inappropriate even in the current freezing situation:

The logos are not Václav’s first anti-Russian work, on his instagram @vkudinson you will find a poster for Star Wars, on which Palpatine is remade into Palputine, or VLADI graphicsPEACE. Just a few weeks older series points to a different totalitarianism, which dazzled the world with the Olympic idea in February. Olympic rings drawn from barbed wire and underneath the sports paraphrase some of the problems of the local regime.

A few words from the author

I like to play with words, I abuse my mother tongue as much as possible. Now is the opportunity to create a work in this spirit that is comprehensible globally. I wanted to work out a motif that I think deserves as much attention as possible.

The first seed came when the war in Russia began to be addressed in connection with the war. I thought of “internyet.” Nyetflix turned out to be that, then Spotify joined the boycott of the Russian market, so I continued with Stopify, and then I started thinking about the series. I owe most of the ideas to Prague’s public transport, and I invented them in their means of transport. The graphic side of things was fast, most of the work was done for me years ago by world designers. In the end, a little over 20 pieces were created, from which I chose 16.

Unfortunately, none of the mentioned companies contacted me directly, I was hoping for it a bit. However, representatives of other global players spoke, who, on the contrary, regretted that they did not appear in the series. So maybe we can come up with a sequel with them.

I firmly believe that I managed not to offend any of these. I created with the best of intentions, even though I understand that, for example, the protruding middleman on Mickey’s hand goes against the values ​​of the Disney brand.

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