El (imprescindible) presente de Green IT

The (essential) present of Green IT

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It has been 30 years since the United States Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, started the Energy Star program, a voluntary certification for computer manufacturers, which served to recognize their energy efficiency, a virtue that, in addition to having a positive impact on accounts, also meant a contribution to the environment. A winning combo that quickly began to spread throughout the rest of the world.

During these 30 years Energy Star has evolved substantially, just as other regulations have done, and global awareness in this regard has also led many companies to develop their own plans and programs to advance energy efficiency. This is what, over the years, has been called Green IT, a philosophy around the use of technological resources that seeks to minimize their impact on the environment.

Nevertheless, what exactly is green IT? Is there any certification that guarantees devices and/or services in this sense? Does it depend only on the companies or also on their workers and even on individuals? Who determines if something is Green IT compliant? And, above all, what rules must be followed? There are many doubts, all of them very understandable, in this sense, and to answer them our colleagues from MuyComputerPRO have published a complete ebook on Green IT that you can download here.

The (essential) present of Green IT

And what will you find in the ebook? First of all, we tell you the history of Green IT, its precedents, the reasons why the necessary awareness arose in this regard. We also enter to assess tremendously positive effects that, for all the parties involved, come to us when we implement policies aimed at improving efficiency and, along with it, reducing the environmental footprint of our use of technology.

We also explain the steps taken by Lenovo, one of the largest and most important players in the technology sector, to contribute to the adoption of Green IT by its users, with measures ranging from more efficient product designs to plans to offset the carbon footprint of production processes with actions that seek to reduce the impact globally. Some actions with which we can verify that, when talking about Green IT, companies look outwards, but they also do so inwards, adding more to this global challenge.

The Earth is our home, and it will be for a very long time, so we must take care of it as much as possible. The ebook on Green IT offers us an excellent contact with this philosophy, and can put us on the right line of action so that we can start walking in this direction. Do not hesitate to download it, because in addition it is totally freeyou will only have to fill out a simple questionnaire, and you will have already taken your first step in protecting the environment and energy efficiency. Remember that the future is Green IT… and the future starts today.

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