The EU interviewed teenagers. She found that she was already so new. But don’t applaud yet

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Where are the times when a fresh press release about how much Czechs and Slovaks steal software came to our editorial boxes and several times a year. The author has always been the slightly controversial group BSA, whose spots from the turn of the century are certainly remembered by many slightly graying readers of Živě.cz.

The important thing is that the popularity of piracy is declining more or less from year to year, so that the last press release that came to me before the pandemic boasted the lowest numbers in the entire history of measurement.

There were some at the time 32% unlicensed software on domestic computers. And since a host of critics have always questioned the vague methodology of the analysis, the reality may have been much better in the end.

Generation Z steals less than their parents

So, stop, let’s move on to 2022 and the aging geeks who remember the wild nineties, replace the emerging generation of Z – teenagers and young adults who were born into the broadband era.

Of course, they do not steal software, because they are already largely in the post-PC era, which takes place on a mobile phone. They don’t suffer from the sentiment of two-panel file managers, so they don’t have to warn Total Commander, and they also wonder why the hell Pepy from school should copy the latest Photoshop. I do not need him.

Do you still have Photoshop of dubious origin on your computer? Sure, twenty years ago it was almost the norm on the geeks’ home machines at the time, but please, it’s 2022, so delete it now.

You have a whole host of great and cheap alternatives around a thousand. For the price of one family visit to the amusement park, you will get quite powerful Affinity Photoso Czech Zoner Photo Studio.

How European teenagers pirate in 2022

It is precisely this generation that was born in the days of MySpace that this year was also targeted by the venerable EUIPO – the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office – which recently published a recent report. Intellectual Property and Youth Scoreboard 2022 (makes 221 dense pages in PDF).

The statisticians in the document boasted what they had learned from the sample 22 thousand young Europeans aged 15-24 yearswhile the Czechia added to the survey 1 012 pieces. By the way, as well as neighboring and much more populous Germany.

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Teenagers, do you pay for warez? Not much anymore and it’s still falling!

So what’s new about Generation Z? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

In 2022, only 21% of young people in Europe consciously consume pirated content and this number is constantly declining. Back in 2016, it was 26%.

Czechia above average, but no disaster

Although the Czechia still belongs to the above-average group, however we are no longer a nation of pirates. The next generation in our country consciously enjoys warez just and 26% of cases. By contrast, Malta (43%) and Germany (12%) are the worst off.

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Conscious download and streaming of warez among young respondents by country

For a long time, it also did not apply to movies and series steal only poor teenagers from Eastern Europe. It’s quite the opposite. The Balkan countries, together with the aforementioned Germany, are on their tails, and there are even countries like Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg or France above the Czech Republic – countries with higher purchasing power.

The principle of Spotify has destroyed music piracy

The greatest success of the fight against audiovisual piracy in the last 20 years is undoubtedly the advent of music streaming services. This is confirmed by the view of the structure of illegal sources according to content.

Generation Z listens to music mainly from legal sources (58%). This is by far the most in the rankings. It’s only 35% for movies and 43% for series. You may find yourself in those numbers, even if you are a little older, because they nicely describe the current market situation.

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Legally or illegally depending on the content. Music has the largest legal representation

We pirate music the least, as the offer of music subscriptions from Spotify to YouTube Music covers practically everything (yes, sure, the offer of West Pakistani heavy metal is not the best, but we are talking about the mainstream here).

The series is a bit worse, as they are fragmented among an ever-increasing spectrum of subscriptions from Netflix to Disney, but at least they are still somewhere.

What about movies? There is no light at the end of the tunnel

Movies are the worst off. Even if we add up the offer of all VOD providers on the scene and pay a total and really absurd flat rate, we will only get a very, really very, tiny fraction of film production in recent years.

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Why did a teenager and a young adult reach for warez?

In the end, the same is confirmed by the list of the most mentioned reasons why teenagers consciously reached for warez. The price is in the first place, but the fact that they simply found what they were looking for in a pirated form is right behind it.

In June 2022 – almost a year after the premiere – I would very much like to look at Zátopek at home and legally. In this case, however, there is no legal way. If not, go around art and peripheral cinemas somewhere on the border and hope that they still show it. Hello producers, wake up!

Warez rather educated

Finally, let’s end with another rumor – at least according to the data. Conscious withdrawal of warez is not explicitly the domain of the poor who do not have a subscription. According to a survey of teenagers, on the other hand, the numbers increase with their education and also incomes.

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Conscious consumption of warez according to demographic indicators

There can be several explanations. A more educated teenager and a young adult know how to get to warez at all. At the same time, it can be more demanding, so it looks for pieces that are not just available. Warez is then often the only and relatively fast way.

After all, we’ve already said that above. Many of us reach for warez, even though we pay for several audiovisual subscriptions at the same time. The motive for piracy in these cases is often not the price, but the simple (in) availability of the work in digital distribution. And the Internet, of course – let’s keep the optical disks for good boomers.

I’ll buy it when it’s available

This fact is also confirmed by the ranking below with the factors that would make teenagers and young adults (and I believe that we are much older) end warez forever. By the way, the threat of punishment is only in 4th place.

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What would make teenagers stop consuming warez

It would be enough for what we are looking for to be as widely available as possible in digital internet distribution. At the same time, this hunger has intensified compared to the last survey from 2019, and today more than half of the respondents think so.

Beware of fragmentation

It’s hard to say how it will turn out in practice. Whereas until a few years ago it seemed that the whole market would soon be dominated by Netflix, which would become the same standard as YouTube once did in the field of free internet video, today we are slowly falling victim to a completely opposite trend.

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Sun, hay, erotica is available on several VOD services from Voya to Netflix, but with box office hits and more demanding parts, it’s even worse

The scene has begun to shatter, more and more players are emerging, Netflix may have serious problems in the future, and although the overall offer is still expanding, we have fallen into a fragmentation trap – we would need an endless number of lump sums to cover everything.

If the same thing happened years ago in the field of streaming music, we would look for hits from one artist exclusively on Spotify, hits from another exclusively on YouTube Music, hits from the third on Apple Music and hits from the fourth, for example on Deezer. Scary idea. I would probably pirate that to this day.

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