The Federal Tax Service of Russia has added new functionality to the My Tax application

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The Federal Tax Service of Russia has added new functionality to the My Tax app: now self-employed people can send invoices for payment directly from the app. This became possible thanks to the integration of acquiring services from payment services into My Tax. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Innopolis.

The first who managed to implement such functionality was the resident of the SEZ “Innopolis” – the company LLC “Moneta labs”. It is its software that underlies NPO Moneta (LLC), which has so far become the only partner of the Federal Tax Service.

“Today, more than 5 million self-employed people are registered in Russia, and their number will continue to grow. Although the self-employed are not required by law to purchase a cash register, they must issue checks to customers and enter all income in the My Tax app. The new payment functionality “My Tax” will be in demand among those who work offline or do not have a website. For example, in the beauty industry, copywriting or apartment rentals. They will not have to additionally connect to payment services – everything can be done immediately in the application, ”said Sergei SmirnovDirector of Business Development at Moneta Labs.

Before the update, the self-employed could register income and send checks in two ways: manually in the My Tax app. But in this case there was a possibility of forgetting something; automatically – using a third-party payment service, the functionality of which allows you to transfer data on receipts to the Federal Tax Service and send checks to customers. But for this, a self-employed person must have an online sales platform: a website or a page on a social network.

Now the self-employed do not need to connect additional services and register income manually. They can send invoices for payment from the application, and checks are generated and sent to the buyer automatically. At the same time, money is credited to the self-employed card immediately after payment.

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According to a survey conducted among the self-employed who started using the new functionality of the My Tax application, this method of accepting payments has become faster, easier and more understandable – 67% of respondents answered this way. In addition, 63% noted that they had been looking for such a solution for a long time, and 20% said that buyers themselves asked them to use this method of payment for their goods and services.

To issue an invoice for payment in the application, you must select a payment agent who will participate in the transfer of money from the payer to the recipient, fill in the details of the sale, generate an invoice and send it to the buyer in any convenient way – in a messenger or by e-mail. As soon as the buyer makes the payment, he will receive a check from the Federal Tax Service, and the amount of the payment will be taken into account in the income of the self-employed and will be transferred to the bank account of the self-employed.

The self-employed of Tatarstan were the first to try the new functionality. Now it is available in all regions of Russia.

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