The first Intel Arc desktop graphics will arrive in the summer. This is what it will look like

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Although Intel has already released the first mobile graphics cards in the Arc series (so far only Arc 3), nothing like this has happened on the desktop so far, or selected partners have been given one opportunity to use DG1 models in finished computers. But we will definitely see the Arc desktop models in a few months, and Intel is already attracting summer and a special limited edition.

As you can see in the video, this is a relatively thin graphics card with two fans and four heatpipe tubes, which has 8 GB or 16 GB of memory (probably GDDR6 as with mobile cards). It offers four DisplayPort ports and one HDMI.

The additional PCI Express power connector is nowhere to be seen in the video, which means that the card only needs 75 W of the slot on the motherboard. Therefore, it should be a low-end model.

Only in the summer will we see what makes this card so special that it is “limited” and how Intel will oppose competing models from AMD and Nvidia in terms of performance and price.

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