The fixability of devices from Apple, Microsoft and Google is still lousy. The competition is doing better

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There is a longer-term consensus that the best way to help the environment in the technology sector is to make products as repairable as possible. And the new analysis only confirms that. But the leading manufacturers still don’t have to…

Apple, Google and Microsoft are the worst, and you sweat the most when repairing their products. Asus, Dell and Motorola scored slightly better.

The analysis was compiled by a group of American non-profit organizations dealing with consumer protection and the data used are relatively unique – they basically come directly from the manufacturers themselves, not from independent third parties such as the well-known iFixit website.

Last year, the first law of its kind in the world came into force in France, which requires companies to report scores on certain electronic devices as correctable. This score must be clearly visible for the products so that the customer expects to have a problem with the repair of the mobile phone, computer, etc., or vice versa.

Click for larger imageHow the individual brands performed

Thus, the data show how manufacturers themselves perceive the repairability of the equipment, and because it is a statutory regulation, they were relatively honest and admitted that repairability is no great glory. In the American analysis, each manufacturer still received a certain penalty if it publicly defended this type of legislation.

A total of 187 mobile phones and laptops from American technology brands were compared. Unsurprisingly, Apple, whose very negative attitude towards repairability has been known for years – a group of newer Macbooks Pro and MacBooks air averaged 3.16 points out of 10, with 10 rated as the best possible repairability. iPhones were even worse, on average the models received a score of 2.75 points out of 10.

Microsoft wasn’t much better at it. His last nine Surface laptop models scored 4.6 points out of 10. Google again failed the Pixel 4a, 6 and 6 Pro, receiving 4.64 points out of 10.

But there are also clear exceptions. For example, current Dell and Asus laptops boast marks ranging from 7.61 to 7.81 out of 10, so we can already say that they are quite well repairable, in addition, the analysis praises that they can be easily disassembled (other evaluated parameters availability of spare parts or manuals). Motorola phones also did well – scoring 7.77 out of 10.

Source: US PIRG, The Verge

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